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Terrific Testimonials Highlight How Melo Technology Is Tops

At Melo Technology, we love our customers! We simply don’t know where we would be without them. Now, in truth, all business owners should feel a lot of admiration and respect for their customers. They are, after all, the entire reasons a business is successful. The relationships that the Melo Technology team has with its clients, however, are particularly special.

First of all, as a smaller telecom provider, we are able to develop genuine relationships with the business owners we serve. A first-name basis connection often breeds comfort and ease during interactions. Second of all, we have the ability to provide personalized service, knowing the specific wants, needs and pain points of each of our clients. We’re thrilled to have received many testimonials confirming how a switch to Melo Technology alleviated previous frustrations.

Real estate agent concentrates on showing homes, not snapping pictures.

Daphne Kalliomaki is a sales representative for BALL Real Estate Inc. A specialist in finding her clients the perfect waterfront properties, Daphne is real estate agent who knows the importance of taking professional pictures. Noting that displaying vivid photos is one of the most important things a real estate agent can do to sell a property, she admits that professional photography is not her forte.

This is why she commissioned Melo Technology to take Drone Photo and Video images to create 3D Virtual Tours of some of her listings. Daphne told us that professional photography helps because no one requests seeing homes in person if there aren’t any photos of them to look at first.

“The videos (created by Melo) give me an opportunity to market myself as a real estate agent,” Daphne told us, “If people see the video and say ‘oh wow, I looked at four houses and one of them had the video and the other three didn’t, I’d want to use that agent to help me sell my house because they go above and beyond to get that done’. My business is based on selling myself, so the videos definitely help get people in the door.”

Restaurant owner focuses on preparing food, not recording messages.

Muhammad Bilal (who goes by Bilal) owns Burgers On Fleek in Ajax, Ontario. This specialty burger joint is operated by a self-professed “foodie” who is insistent on providing his customers with the absolute highest quality food. Because his focus is on ensuring that deliciousness is the result of very customer order, Bilal doesn’t have much time or energy to spend on updating his restaurant’s outgoing messages.

This is what got him interested in signing up for Melo Technology’s cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services. Among their many benefits is the fact that our team can create captivating on-hold messages and custom greetings in multiple languages.

“With Melo, I have someone always there looking after me,” Bilal has expressed, “If I need something changed, I know they’re there for me. I get to spend time on my business instead of spending 10-15 minutes trying to change my recordings. It’s really a big deal for me to be able to contact Melo for help instead of having another stress. I’m not that tech savvy so it’s really helped me to have Melo. I recommend their services to everyone.”

How can making the switch to Melo Technology help your business?

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