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An Appeal To Parents: Keep ALL Of Our Kids Safe

Everyone who knows me knows how much of a passionate person I am. I put my heart and soul into my business to ensure that the MeloTel brand will always be one that it is regarded with great respect and admiration. The name MeloTel contains a portion of my family name for a reason. I treat both my employees and my customers like members of my extended family. Everyone affiliated with my brand is very important to me.

Considering how important family is to me, it should come as no surprise that there is no one I’m more passionate about than my wife and children. I can’t express just how much I love them and how much their safety and overall well-being mean to me. So, believe me when I say that I am greatly concerned about their health as we all continue to contend with the coronavirus pandemic.

I founded the COVID-19 Awareness Facebook group.

When the pandemic first reared its ugly head, I decided to create a Facebook group simply entitled COVID-19 Awareness. My intention was and still is to share as much information as possible with the group’s members. My hope is that I can help everyone make informed decisions about how to keep themselves and others safe. Not surprisingly, the group page has received countless comments about how to contend with the crisis and not all of them are in agreement.

There is one thing, however, that I think is detrimental for us all to agree upon. The health and safety of our children is of paramount importance. As a resident of the province of Ontario, I’m greatly concerned about my children as they prepare for the new school year. You’re very likely aware that the provincial government is opening up schools and giving parents opportunities to decide if they want their kids to attend classes in person or partake in remote learning.

Every parent is faced with a tough decision. My belief is that every parent is entitled to decide what is right for his/her children. However, I think it’s vital that, for those who decide to send their kids back into the classrooms next month, they strictly adhere to the guidelines that have been proposed in order to keep all of our kids safe.

A couple of days ago, I posted the following on the COVID-19 Awareness Facebook group page.

“As a parent who is choosing to send my kids back to class this year, I sincerely hope that other parents who are also choosing to do the same will respect the government guidelines about social bubbles. My biggest concern is some parents being ignorant to the guidelines and having play-dates, social gatherings and not taking the virus serious, only to send the virus to school for other families. I think for parents choosing to send their kids to school, there should be a high level of regard for the well-being of not just your own children but also for the others you will expose your children to.”

If you are a parent with school-aged children, I sincerely hope you agree with me. Whether or not you do, I would encourage you to join the COVID-19 Awareness Facebook group to share your thoughts because I think this is a vitally important conversation. I wish everyone and their children well!

John M. Meloche
Founder and CEO

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