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How To Ensure Your Kids Enjoy A Spooky Yet Safe Halloween

The day has finally come! For both youngsters and lover of thrills and chills alike, Halloween is a gloriously fun occasion. Of course, it’s a time for costumes, candy and spooky fun that brings about a lot of excitement. The joy of trick-or-treating is widespread. However, it is vital to remember that your child’s safety should be the top priority.

The entire Melo Technology team would like to send out a very Happy Halloween to everyone! However, especially since many of our members are parents, we would also like to offer you a few simple precautions to consider. We hope to guarantee your young ones a very safe Halloween filled with laughter, memories and delicious treats.

Be sure to consider costume safety.

Ensure your child’s costume is the right size. Getting an accurate fit is pretty important as it will help to prevent tripping. You also want to ensure that it is made with safe materials. It’s wise to opt for flame-resistant textiles. They provide an extra layer of protection while walking near jack-o’-lanterns and candles.

Add reflective tape or glow-in-the-dark accessories to the costume to increase visibility. Go for face paint over masks so you don’t impede your child’s vision. However, if your child is adamant about wearing a mask, ensure that it has proper ventilation.

Teach your child some essential trick-or-treating rules.

It’s important that young children always go door to door with adult supervision. It’s a good idea to trick-or-treat in a group as well. Stick to well-lit streets and neighbourhoods that you are familiar with. Plan your route in advance.

For older children who wish to venture out on their own, it’s important to establish a curfew. Remind them to use crosswalks and look both ways before crossing streets. Encourage them to stay on the sidewalk and avoid cutting through yards or dark areas. Watch out for oncoming vehicle and never run off on anyone who is part of the group.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Your child should have his/her full name, address and your phone number memorized. This will be important information to have on hand in case he/she gets separated from the group. Have a fully charged phone and flashlight on hand and remind your child to use the buddy system. In case of an emergency, establish a designated meeting point.

Inspect all candy before your kids chow down.

An automatic rule for each and every Halloween is to inspect all goodies before letting your kids scarf them down. Be on the lookout for any opened or tampered packaging. Discard any homemade treats from unknown sources. Be vigilant in locating any treats that are comprised of ingredients that your child is allergic to. You also want to be mindful of any treats that could be potential choking hazards. Chewy gummies, peanuts and hard candies fall into this category.

Make sure your children know which candies are off-limits. It’s rare to find dangerous items in trick-or-treat sacks, however, it’s important to err on the side of caution.

Happy Halloween everyone!