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6 Key Ingredients To A Successful Call Centre

Depositphotos_25723807_xsRunning a call centre isn’t easy. And it’s certainly doesn’t get any easier when you’re without the tools necessary to run a call centre in a way that can help your company generate money. Clearly, you want friendly and knowledgeable employees to work your phones. Often, it’s the inflections in a person’s voice that can make him or her successful as a call centre employee.

But your company’s mission statement also needs to be fully realized and supported by your staff. If you hire individuals who believe in your product or service, you will be a lot more likely to sell that product or service. How else will your customers believe in it if your own company representatives do not? It’s also crucial to be using the right equipment. But we’ll get to that shortly. Let’s discuss a few key ingredients to a successful call centre.

Flexible Schedules. Let’s be honest. Call centre employees have hard jobs. Being on the phone for the majority of a work shift is no easy feat. Speaking to people from all over the country and being hung up on more often than not can certainly take its toll on your employees. When you offer flexible working hours, you are making their lives a lot less hectic. This will make them a lot more likely to be productive when on the job.

Minimized Overtime. As mentioned, a call centre employee’s job is tough. Keeping them at work longer than they expect is a stress-inducing situation that will only lead to higher turnover rates. Let your team members know that they are valued – as both your employees and as people. If you care about their personal needs, they will care a whole lot more about your company’s needs.

Incentives & Bonuses. Call centre environments are very often competition-based. Friendly competition should be encouraged so that your staff members are constantly encouraged to achieve greater accomplishments. Offering certain incentives and bonuses – be they monetary-based or otherwise – is a great way to boost morale and inspire competition that generates greater productivity.

Encouraged Feedback. Your employees deserve to be heard. They are the people who are on the front lines. They make first contact with your potential clients and would-be buyers. If they have opinions as to the ways in which you are communicating your brand messaging, be sure to listen to them. Chances are they know what they are talking about as they get direct feedback from customers. Be sure to listen to their feedback.

Regular Training. Your company is always changing. As well, the products and services that you are offering are likely evolving as time passes on. Be sure to keep your call centre representatives in the loop about all changes. As part of your regular training, be sure to highlight their strengths while assisting them with opportunities to improve in certain areas.

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