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Why Providing Employee Feedback Is So Important

Employee feedback involves the providing of any information that is exchanged between employees. Generally, the information regards employee performance. Feedback sessions often incorporate conversations about skills, the ability to work within a team and tips to help improve performance. Feedback is usually delivered from a company owner, manager or supervisor to an employee. However, it should go both ways.

Employers who are open to feedback often run successful businesses. It’s wise to listen to the thoughts, ideas and concerns of employees to better help the business flourish. Who else, but those who work directly with customers, to inform those in authoritative positions about how to make improvements? Employees know how they feel about working for the business. They also usually know how customers feel as well.

Both positive and negative feedback is necessary.

Naturally, a feedback session should involve advice about how to perform better at work. However, it should always include words of praise. No one likes to be inundated with news about what they’re doing wrong. It’s a lot more productive to speak to employees about their successes as well.

By offering positive feedback, a manager can elicit greater confidence in his/her workers. In fact, such positive affirmations should be done publicly. Utilizing morning meetings to shine spotlights on top performers is a great way to energize a team of employees. This helps for the negative feedback to be accepted a lot more easily. Employees should always feel confident that the feedback they receive is not criticism. Instead, it should be viewed as an opportunity to reach greater success.

Feedback is essential in the call centre environment.

Phone agents speak directly to customers every day. It can be argued that, in call centres, employees know more about how customers feel than anyone else. It’s only right that they are free to offer feedback to their supervisors. Of course, providing feedback to phone agents is essential if a call centre wants to be successful.

Most call centre managers monitor call recordings in order to provide feedback about the calls their phone agents take. This isn’t always productive. By listening to a call after it has been completed, a manager can’t provide feedback that improves that very call.

Enter MeloTel’s Monitor Whisper Panel!

MeloTel’s Monitor Whisper Panel is a call centre manager’s dream come true. It allows for calls to be heard live and for feedback to be given immediately. The “monitor” portion of the service lets supervisors listen to both parties on the call undetected. By tapping into real-time conversations as they happen, management can easily keep track of call compliance. They can also gain deep insight into the techniques that fuel agent productivity.

The “whisper” portion of the service lets managers drop in to live calls and coach phone agents on the spot. They can “whisper” suggestions or jump into the conversation whenever a rep is in need of assistance. In the event an interaction requires supervisory intervention, he/she can quickly “barge in” to immediately assist and resolve any pending issues.

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