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6 Best Practices For Your Call Centre

Running a call centre isn’t easy. Your business depends on the hard work of a large group of individuals who all need to be on the same page when it comes to representing your brand in a favourable light. It’s really important to give your staff members the necessary tools to give your business the best possible impressions. So how do you do that? Today’s blog will detail six call centre best practices.

1. Hire enthusiastic staff. When going through the hiring process, you won’t always come across so-called “experts” in your particular field. Perhaps, being an expert shouldn’t be the most important trait of your new staff member. Enthusiasm goes a long way. When a person can project his or her smile through a telephone conversation, it can become infectious. And more importantly, it can become quite lucrative for your brand.

2. Provide adequate training. If you have an upbeat, enthusiastic group of people to work with, the training process should be an easy one. Be sure to inform your staff of all of your company’s policies and expectations. They should be equipped with knowledge of how to answer important questions or direct calls to new extensions during escalations. Good training is integral to your call centre’s success.

3. Provide feedback. As you can imagine, initial training is just the first stage of your staff member’s development. Providing feedback – and that includes positive feedback! – is something that needs to be done regularly. Never make your employees feel like their alone at sea. Offer encouragement often, but also provide assistance to help them in areas where they most need it.

4. Promote a competitive atmosphere. Call centres that adopt the use of competitions are often the most fun to work in. They also happen to be the most productive. As they say, a happy staff is a productive staff. Create both team and individual competitions and provide incentives to reward those who outperform others. This will help to create an atmosphere where people are excited about their work and enjoy doing well.

5. Offer bonuses. Many call centres offer commissions on sales. Many others offer hourly wages. And then again, many offer both. It should probably go without saying that the more “bonuses” that come along with the job, the better. Give your staff the ability to feel like their work accounts for something and that it will be continually rewarded the better it gets. These bonuses can come in many forms. Be creative!

6. Use DaFeeder Preview Dialer. DaFeeder is a MeloTel-provided web-based telemarketing software that allows your staff members to manage campaign dialing and dispositions. Call centres have a come a long way since the “manual dialing numbers from a sheet of paper” days. DaFeeder has changed how call centres manage their telemarketing practices by greatly enhancing staff performances.

We’d love to discuss DaFeeder Preview Dialer in greater detail with you. We have a number of service tiers to select from so that we’re meeting the specific needs of your unique call centre. Naturally, different companies have different staff sizes and requirements of their staff. At MeloTel, we’re confident that we have the package that is ideal to help your call centre reach an entirely new level of success!

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