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6 Reasons To Get Your Blog Going Now!

The way that business owners promote their brands these days is a lot different than it was back in the day. And by “back in the day”, we’re referring to just a decade ago! With the advent of social media, everything has changed. Literally. It’s a digital world. More specifically, it’s an online world. And if you’re business can’t be located online, it often won’t be located at all.

Today, being on social media plays a big role in how much notice you’re able to attain for your business. And having a website that is user-friendly and functional so that it attracts customers is of huge importance. But what is one of the most successful ways to attract those customers to your site? Blogging. Yes, we do enjoy blogging, here at MeloTel. And we’d like to blog for you too!

MeloTel happily services several company websites from a vast array of business types all over Canada. If you’re looking to get picked up in search engines, attract your brand some more attention and welcome new customers, blogging is certainly a way to help you to do it. Our clients have discovered this. We’d love for you to discover it as well. Here are six reasons that you should get a blog going today!

1. It helps with SEO. “Search Engine Optimization” refers to just how visible your website is to online users. Your blog should provide insightful and intriguing content that is bound to get picked up in search engines. Blogs get people interested in the conversations that you start by writing them. And that’s a key point to blogging – engaging readers. Remember that your blogs will do a lot more than simply plug your products.

2. It becomes the heart of your social media pages. Each time we post a blog on the MeloTel website, a link to it gets posted on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. This spreads the word, not only about our blog, but about our website and the various features that we offer on it. Blogs are great ways to get people both talking on your social media profiles and visiting your company website.

3. It provides you with a voice. You’re an expert in your field, aren’t you? Why aren’t you bragging about it? Honestly. A blog allows you to professionally showcase your skill set, talents and ideas. Your blog entries could serve to help people gain new insight into matters they never even thought about before. Even if you write about topics not directly related to your business, it will paint your brand in a more favourable light to more people.

4. It sparks conversation. Perhaps, we’ve made this point already. But it needs to be reiterated that one of the most fascinating things about the way people do business these days is that we are so much more engaging than we used to be. We now live in a world where we “like” what people post, comment upon them, ask questions and answer those asked of us. Your blog provides the perfect opportunity to get these conversations started.

5. It keeps your website fresh. If someone visits your website today, then visits it again next week, and it’s the exact same thing, he or she won’t be likely to return to it. Your blog gives your website regularly updated content that encourages repeat visits. Make it so that your website isn’t boring. An engaging, constantly kept-fresh site is one that attracts new and old customers alike. Blog do that for you.

6. It’s easy to get started! We’re going to go on record right now and say that MeloTel employs some of the best bloggers in the business. Learn more about our Bloggers For Hire by giving us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. Let’s discuss how we can help you get your blog going today!