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5 Ways MeloTel Loves Its Customers

MeloTel loves its customers! Chances are that you’ve heard us say that before. And chances are that you’ll hear us say that again. Today, we’d like to dedicate our blog to our fantastic customers by offering them a big “thank you” for their many years of support. Being Canada’s Hosted Company puts a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. After all, we have a ton of great services to provide entrepreneurs from all over Canada.

But no matter how great our services are, it’s important that we work to keep our customers happy. That means starting and nurturing relationships so that they last for the long haul. Doing so isn’t exactly easy. With a growing client base, it can become that much more difficult to make everyone feel special, right? Well, the way we see it – the more customers we have to make happy, the better. It keeps us on our toes!

So how exactly do we make our customers happy? It’s all about showing them love. Yes, Valentine’s Day is long gone. But we’re not asking anyone out on dates here. We’re talking about that “nurturing” part of the relationship that so many business owners tend to forget. It’s one thing to get a new customer. It’s another thing to make that customer a loyal one. In today’s blog, we’ll list five ways that MeloTel loves its customers.

1. We save you money. Yes, we admit it. Many of our relationships begin with the tried-and-true tactic of saving people money. But, at the end of the day, it’s really not a tactic at all. We’ve found ways to provide customers with impeccable services including VoIP Telephone Features without charging them the arms and legs generally charged by “bigger” telecom companies. Because they shouldn’t have to pay more!

2. We handle issues personally. Other companies generally have you speak to a customer service representative who doesn’t have the authority to make big decisions. At MeloTel, we make it a point to handle issues in ways that no other company will. In fact, our president John Meloche practically insists upon it. Often, he’s the first point of contact for many of our clients. That way, they know that their needs are held in the highest of priorities.

3. We provide service with a smile. Friendliness is somehow becoming a lost art, isn’t it? How many times have you walked into a store only to be ignored by the salespeople? Or perhaps worse, bombarded with promotional speak by the employees? Whatever happened to “hi, how’s your day going today?” or “hey, that’s a great shirt, that’s really your colour”. Okay, well you get the point. Being personable is just a part of the MeloTel way.

4. We get back to you. We’ve heard from many of our clients that one of the most frustrating things that they encounter when working with bigger-named telecom companies is their inability to return phone calls effectively. Sometimes, there are 24 hour waiting periods for a serious issue to be resolved. For most busy entrepreneurs, that is far too long a time to wait. At MeloTel, we work expeditiously to meet and surpass your needs efficiently.

5. We appreciate you. This isn’t the first blog we’ve posted about how much we love our customers. And it certainly won’t be the last. The truth is, however, that we offer our appreciation to our customers on a regular basis. People like to be thanked. They enjoy being told that their business is important. We do all that and more. So, again, thank you for choosing MeloTel as your provider. We love you for it!