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6 Solid Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Business owners are often focused on growing their companies by securing new customers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There is, however, something wrong with neglecting the customers that you already have. Not that this is ever your intention, of course. But it’s important to remain mindful of the fact that the people who got you to where you are today are the most important people to your business.

Not forgetting about them entails that you keep in constant touch. Customers simply hate when it’s difficult to get a hold of someone that they are doing business with. Leaving messages that go unreturned for a 24 hour period is often enough for customers to make decisions to take their business elsewhere. Want to hang on to your beloved customers? Here are six solid ways to ensure that you don’t lose touch with them.

1. Keep it short. Keeping in touch doesn’t mean having long, drawn-out conversations with them on a regular basis. Do you really even have time for that? Have several short meetings instead of a few big ones. Make regular short phone calls instead of having once-in-a-blue-moon catch-up sessions. This way, you can spread your contacts out and use each opportunity to talk to them as quick enhancements of your relationships.

2. Keep a smart schedule. Obviously, keeping in touch takes time. And that’s why keeping it quick is important. But a key ingredient to keeping in touch is planning a schedule that you can keep to. You may want to pencil in appointments with specific customers based on what you know about their needs and what times would work best to serve them. Don’t leave it up to your memory to know when the best times are to meet up with your clients.

3. Plan ahead. After each of your meetings, phone calls or emails, be sure to plan a time that you will be back in touch. It’s always good to keep organized and it never hurts to remind yourself of such important tasks. Let your clients know that you always have them in mind and offer the type of assistance that lets them know that you care about their business. Ending an email with “I’ll be in touch by the end of the summer” is a clear example.

4. Put it on your shoulders. Don’t assume that your client will be back in touch with you. Even if he or she offers to make the contact, be sure to follow up within an appropriate and agreed upon amount of time. It’s important to take responsibility of your company’s success. And making it your job to keep in touch with your most important clients is a big part of what will make your even more successful.

5. Invite them to your events. Staying in touch can be easy if you have several clients in the same place at the same time. Does your company throw summer barbeques and picnics? Do you host holiday parties? Do you run contests and offer giveaways on special occasions? These are all events that your clients should be invited to. Let them know they matter to you by always including them in your company’s celebrations.

6. Use Single Number Reach. After it’s all said and done and you’ve put in your efforts to keeping in touch, there is one incredibly important factor that remains. How easy or hard is it to get you on the phone? Your success will often lie in the answer. At MeloTel, we ensure our clients that they are never out of reach with this incredible feature that allows up to five different phones to ring when your client calls one select phone number!

It’s called Single Number Reach! And it will work wonders for your ability to keep in touch. Call MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL for more information and to add it to your services today!