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5 Reasons To Keep Your Website “Fresh”

Shopping button key on laptop keyboardFor quite some time now, the word “fresh” has been used as a slang term. You don’t have to be a member of the hip-hop community to know that the term has always been used to connote positivity. Simply put, something “fresh” is considered good. But it’s more than just being “good” that makes something “fresh”. It’s all about being up with the times, being innovative, new and interesting.

Is your company “fresh”? The answer lies in just how often your customers learn something new about you. You know the saying, “What have you done for me lately?” Well, it’s all about showing your audience that you haven’t forgotten about them. And in 2014, there’s no better way to do that than to ensure that your online marketing is top-notch. In many cases, this requires a revamping of your website.

It’s widely known that Canadian consumers travel to the internet before they travel to physical store locations when they do their shopping. If your website looks exactly the same as it did months ago, you’re not encouraging your shoppers to return to it. After all, what have you done for them lately? Updating your site is crucial. There are several reasons to keep it “fresh”.

Driving more traffic to your business. It’s one thing to have a website. It’s another thing to have a website that gets you business. It’s important to have content on your site that is bound to be picked up by search engines. That way, when consumers are researching your industry, your site will be more likely to pop up. Your pages require keywords in order to be better located by would-be buyers.

Taking advantage of technology advances. Websites do a whole lot more nowadays than they did when the internet first came into existence. Merchants have the ability to sell their products directly from their websites. Perhaps, adding this feature will boost sales in ways you never thought about. Sites also include blogs, videos, contact information and links to social media pages – all have worked wonders in building brand recognition.

Ensuring modern-day compatibility. People tend to go online on their smart phones more than ever these days. Is your site mobile compatible? Add that to the fact that browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer get updated regularly. So that means that if you’re not updating your website, your visitors may not be able to access it in ways that they were once able to.

Maintaining the relevance of your design. Pictures are generally taken in HD these days. Keeping old photos on your site are not likely to impress. As well, is your main page the same as it ever was? Has your business logo changed in the past decade? The images, colours, layouts and other features of your site need to be updated so that they don’t look like they were conceived a long time ago.

Revealing your business growth. If things are going well for your business and your website doesn’t reflect its growth, how will people know about it? It’s important to advertise your company’s special events, sales and discounts. Upload pictures of your new product line. Be sure to make your website the ultimate business card for your brand by highlighting its accomplishments.

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