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5 Reasons To Revamp Your Company Website

May is here. It’s the start of a new month. And while the weather, here in Toronto, is still yet to catch up with the calendar, we’ve recently started a new season. Change is inevitable. And as time passes along, things are bound to change. Why should your website be any different? The way that consumers view your website will have a major impact on the ways in which they view your company.

When your website doesn’t change, people’s opinions of your brand will change for the worse. Keeping your website regularly updated is an important part of communicating to your target market that things are continually progressing in your business. But more importantly, if you maintain the exact same design and functionality for too long, your site will simply grow stale. Here are five reasons to revamp your website.

1. Your business has changed. Have you added features to your business that aren’t reflected by your current website? At MeloTel, we continue to add new features that clearly must be communicated to our client base. Therefore, we not only add pages to our site, but do our best to freshen the site up when necessary. We went through a revamp a few months ago to show our audience that MeloTel was growing. It worked!

2. You want to incorporate new content. It’s important to have your website introduce new elements every so often. Remember that if you want people to continue to visit it, there must be new reasons for them to return. Do you have a blog? Blogs – surprise, surprise – are excellent ways to keep your site regularly updated. Adding a blog section to your site is a great reason to revamp it altogether.

3. You’re looking for better results. You may have constructed a uniquely designed site that looks wonderful. But something just isn’t working. Why aren’t you getting the type of traffic that you feel is deserving of such a wonderful design? It could be that the site is too busy. Perhaps, it’s simply not user-friendly. If you’re unhappy with the results your site is getting you, it’s time to redesign it.

4. You want to outdo the competition. Have you been perusing the internet looking at your competitors’ websites? If not, you should! What are they doing on their sites that you like? What do you dislike? And most importantly, what can you do better? Show your client base that when they visit your website, there is proof that they should be doing business with you over your competitors.

5. You want to keep up with the times. About a decade ago, a lot of websites used a flash design. That isn’t particularly necessary anymore. Besides, a lot of people go online using their smartphones. Have you updated your site so that it’s compatible with smartphone technology? Being sure that you have a site that is convenient to look at for mobile users will play a key role in its ability to increase business.

MeloTel’s Web Design Services team is made up of expert craftsmen in the world of website design. The team can help you accomplish any and all of the abovementioned goals. We have a number of packages to choose from so that you are getting exactly what it is you’re looking for and not paying for anything that you don’t feel you need. Let’s discuss your website’s revamp today! Call 1-888-MELOTEL.