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6 Ways To Uphold Your Brand’s Star Image

Running a business is almost like being a celebrity. You have a public image to uphold. And, as a business owner, it’s your job to ensure that your business is always seen in a favourable light. But, just like with celebrities, you may have a lot of fans, but you may also have a lot of people sceptical about supporting you as well. So what can you do to make sure your company is seen as the star that it is?

1. Keep up good appearances. For a business to be considered good, it’s got to look good. Firstly, that means adhering to a particular dress code around the office or on the floor in front of your customers. Secondly, it means making sure that your place of business is neat, tidy and in keeping with high levels of professionalism. Finally, it also entails making sure that your online presence is a strong one. A weak website will not impress anyone in this day and age.

2. Be sure to be reliable. When you lose the trust of a customer, it can be really hard to get it back. To make sure that your brand is well respected, you have to be able to stick to your word. Meet deadlines, return phone calls promptly and insist upon showing up on time. When you are considered reliable, your brand will grow its reputation as a trusted source. Word spreads quickly. Be sure that it’s a positive one!

3. Practice professional phone etiquette. Often, the first interaction between company and customer is on the phone. This initial “meeting” can make or break the business relationship. Here’s one quick tip: people hate being put on hold right away. Be sure to answer the phone courteously, introduce yourself and get the caller’s name. Listen to the reason for the call and work promptly to address it. It’s all about first impressions!

4. Maintain efficient written correspondence. Email is another popular way of communicating these days. Businesses are doing it all the time. When you receive emails from your customers, of course it’s important to respond expeditiously. However, you don’t want to get misunderstood by the tone you are using. Emails are different than phone calls. People can’t always tell what mood you’re in if you don’t make efforts to add friendly verbiage in your responses.

5. Be organized. Have you ever called up a company only to speak to representatives who sound like they don’t know what they’re talking about? It’s important to have all of your correct players in position. In other words, be efficient with training, be sure to hire competent staff, know who is to handle what task and avoid passing your callers from one representative to another too often. Being organized helps to communicate that you can be counted on.

6. Keep in touch. Make sure that you are never out of reach. When your customers want to get in touch, it’s important that you are available. If not, it’s important that you return those calls and emails promptly. When customers have concerns, it’s your job to address them. Being unable to find you will make a customer’s decision to go to the competition that much easier. Be sure to be as accessible as you can to maintain your brand’s glowing image.

At MeloTel, we work to not only adhere to all of the above mentioned tips, but we offer services that assist our clients to do the same. Our Web Design Services team guarantees that your star will shine brightly online. Our Telephone Features ensure that you have all the tools necessary to effectively run your call centre. And our Single Number Reach feature makes sure you are never out of touch with your callers.

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