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5 Fabulous Ways To Thank Your Customers

Thank youSt. Patrick’s Day was yesterday. And Easter is coming up next month. But, for some reason, MeloTel feels like celebrating Thanksgiving! It’s not so much the turkey dinners that have us in the mood to give thanks – it’s our great customers who make us want to show our appreciation. We’re well aware that without our customers, our company couldn’t exist. So thank you!

Thanking your customers, by the way, should be a common practice. At MeloTel, we do all we can to show our customers our appreciation on a regular basis. A few of our recent blogs have discussed the importance of listening to your customers in order to truly answer to their specific and individual needs. As well, being there to support our clients in their times of need is another way we show gratitude.

But what else can you do to show your customers that you care? Believe it or not, the simple act of saying “thank you” can be a part of your greatest marketing strategy. Customers appreciate it when you are genuine. It’s the reason we do our best to be readily available with friendly voices to assist our clients. In today’s blog, we’ll reveal a few other ways you can thank your clients.

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary. To truly “wow” your customers, you may want to surprise them once in a while with something no other company does. Can you deliver an item to a customer’s door yourself? Imagine the look on the faces of your customers when they see that the company owner has gone out of his or her way to make a personal visit! Providing a “wow” experience can really set your brand apart from the competition.

Host An Appreciation Event. There’s nothing like a party to help your favourite people have a good time. Invite your top clients to your place of business – or even a separate venue – for an “appreciation event”. You may want to offer specific incentives to your invitees to let them know how important they are to your company. Make them feel special and part of an exclusive group.

Provide Free Advice. Customers who are treated like friends remember your brand and place it in a category above all others. Engaging in conversations with your customers is a big part of accomplishing this friendly relationship. By providing free business advice – or even personal advice for that matter – it helps to convey how much you care about your clients as people.

Start A Rewards Program. Adding value to the customer experience goes a long way in keeping them loyal. It’s also your way of thanking those who continue to support your business. Can you offer rewards to those who spend over a certain amount, refer your company to others or visit your store frequently? There are many ways to reward your favourite clients. Choose the one that will be most beneficial to both you and them.

Plug Them On Social Media. Your Facebook and Twitter accounts are virtual gold mines. Firstly, they are excellent ways to keep in touch with your clients and provide you with free advertising. But they are also great tools for connecting your customers with other like-minded individuals. Perhaps, you have some business owners who you can promote to your list of friends. Social media provide awesome and free ways to publicly thank them!