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Client Spotlight: Canadian POS Corporation

We hope that you’ve noticed, by now, that MeloTel’s loves its customers! And to show our appreciation for them, we enjoy posting “Client Spotlight” blogs to highlight just how great we think they are. These blogs also help to shed light on the great relationships that we’ve developed with Canadian business owners over the years. Readers of our blog know how important it is to us to develop and grow strong business relationships.

We’re happy to say that our relationship with Canadian POS Corporation is not only one of the strongest, but longest-standing relationships that we’ve ever had. Like MeloTel, this great POS payment provider also keeps top-notch customer service at the top of their priority list. However, they provide Canadian merchants with benefits that are unparalleled in their industry. They offer POS terminals at the most affordable rates in the business!

They don’t just offer any old POS terminals either. Their top-of-the-line machines include the best wireless terminals that the industry has to offer. As you may know, many companies throughout Canada are adopting wireless terminals to allow for their customers to pay with their credit and debit cards. This is important, firstly, because Canadian consumers have proven that they prefer to pay with plastic more than any other payment method.

Canada, it has been said, is a nation that is headed towards inhabiting a “cashless society”. Wireless terminals are also all the rage because they provide customers with much greater senses of peace of mind. Consider the ways in which you used to pay with your credit card when you ate in a restaurant. A waiter would be required to take your card somewhere in the back to process the transaction.

These days, that has all changed. Servers are able to take either credit or debit card payments directly at the table. The credit cards are never out of the customers’ hands and so the chances of fraud taking place are next to none. Canadian POS Corporation truly provides Canadian business owners with amazing services. So we know just how important it is for MeloTel to provide Canadian POS Corporation with amazing services.

“I have the pleasure of working with MeloTel for all our businesses tech needs,” says Brad Atkin of the Toronto-based payment provider, “Phones, CRM, even our website was setup and managed by the MeloTel team. Specifically, I enjoyed how the MeloTel team would pro-actively follow up on every element and were available to answer questions and retrain when necessary.” We included this quote in our recent “Thankful For Your Touching Testimonials” blog.

As a long time affiliate with Canadian POS Corporation, we’re proud to also have Brad’s quote featured on the home page of our website. Further to that, we would recommend their services to anyone who is yet to begin accepting credit and debit cards at their stores. We’re happy to report that we have the company’s full support as well. “Not only would I recommend MeloTel services to anyone, I will be using them again for our next business venture,” said Brad.

Be sure to visit the Canadian POS Corporation website for more information about the company and all of its services. After all, our Web Design Services team created it! As Brad mentioned, the company also takes advantage of our DaFeeder Preview Dialer CRM system and our VoIP Telephone Services. Their blog, by the way, is also managed by our very own Bloggers For Hire team.

We’d like to thank everyone at Canadian POS Corporation for their many years of loyal partnership!