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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Toll Free Number

At MeloTel, we always do the best we can to practice what we preach. When we blog about the fact that your company could truly benefit from updating its website, we make sure that we’ve done the very same thing ourselves. When we discuss the fact that your business can experience a spike in growth through simple changes like a revised logo, we do so after updating our very own.

MeloTel has made a number of changes in the past year and they all reflect the fact that our business is growing. Perhaps, what makes us so happy about all of these changes is that we are heavily involved in helping small business owners across Canada make changes of their own. And they work! Sometimes, a small change is all you need to make a big difference.

Do you have a toll free number? If so, the time has come for you to get one! It’s a great business asset for a number of reasons. And, by the way, in keeping with our “taking our own advice” routine, we should point out that you can always call MeloTel using our toll free number: 1-888-MELOTEL. Still not convinced that it’s a good idea? In today’s blog, we’ll outline five reasons your business needs a toll free number.

1. They make it easier to remember you. Perhaps, the most obvious reason to get a toll free number is that it makes it so easy for customers to remember how to call you. Quite obviously, it’s easier to remember 1-888-MELOTEL than it is to provide ten arbitrary digits, including the area code, as a phone number in hopes that a customer will commit it to memory. You pretty much guarantee yourself an increase in call volume when you get a toll free number for your business.

2. They satisfy your customers. People like shopping made easy. For many consumers, having to locate merchants that provide the goods and services that they are looking for can be a time-consuming and annoying process. Your toll free number helps to make finding you incredibly easy. The easier you make life for your customers, the more often they are bound to do business with you.

3. They give your brand credibility. Be honest. You know that when you hear of a company’s toll free number, it gives the impression that business must be good. Remember that toll free numbers aren’t exclusive to major corporations – even if it seems that way. A toll free number will enhance your company’s image in the minds of the general public. Give people a greater impression of you with a snazzy, easy-to-remember way to call you.

4. They are portable. If your business changes locations, it doesn’t mean that it has to change its number. Your customers don’t even need to know that you’ve changed the physical location of your place of business if you don’t want them to. No matter where you go, you can take your toll free number with you. It’s yours to keep. Consider the fact that your toll free number allows for calls to come your way from all over the country as well.

5. They are great marketing tools. As mentioned, 1-888-MELOTEL is an easy number to remember. As a result, it works great for marketing our business. It’s known as a “vanity number”. Clearly, toll free numbers that can be expressed as words instead of random digits can be great inclusions in your marketing campaigns. Think about the impact a new food service company could have if customers could call it by dialing 1-800-EAT-IT-UP!

To get your business a toll free number today, you know what number to call! Dial us up today!