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5 Benefits To Keeping Your Website Updated

In the year 2014, owning a business but not having a company website simply doesn’t make any sense. We live in the digital era. And whether we like it or not, the majority of consumers out there tend to go online to surf for businesses within the industries that interest them. Often, before visiting a physical location, a person will “browse” online to check out a company’s inventory and prices to compare them to the competition.

So let’s suppose you do have a website. Excellent. That’s a great start. But just having a website isn’t exactly going to cut it either. When you don’t keep your website regularly updated, it’s no different than having a car that you don’t service. Your car is bound to break down and stop working for you. And the same thing goes for your website.

Here are five benefits to updating your website:

1. It helps for search engines to find you. Why do you think we blog so regularly? Sure, we enjoy blogging and love keeping our website visitors informed and intrigued with useful content. But it’s also because the more content that exists on our website, the more keywords that will get picked up by search engines. The more search engines that pick us up, the more chances we have of welcoming new visitors to our site, increasing our potential to grow our customer base.

2. It encourages visitors to come back. Indulge us, if you will. Think about your website like a television show. Would you keep watching it if the exact same episode was aired every single time the show was being broadcast? Of course not. You expect a new episode with each airing. Well, if your website never provides anything new to its visitors, why would they return? Give people an incentive to keep coming back.

3. It shows that things are happening with your brand. What would you think if you visited a website and saw that its last blog was posted a month ago? Would it not give you the impression that not much has happened since then? Your website visitors need to know that you have not only not gone out of business, but that business is booming. In today’s digital era, people are getting hit with new information every second. Don’t get lost in the sauce by letting your content get stale.

4. It encourages links to your website. Our digital era comes complete with social media. People love to enter into discussions and debates online and are often quick to post links to websites, videos and pictures on their profiles. When your website includes interesting content, it encourages others to talk about it, and even better, post a link to your website on their Facebook and Twitter pages. There are few better ways to have the word spread about your business these days than to be part of a discussion on social media.

5. It meets the demands of your client base. As technology continues to advance, there becomes newer ways to consume information. As we all know, most people browse the internet on their smartphones. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will certainly lose out on having people gain interest in it. As time passes, your website must adapt to the changing times. It’s your job to discover ways to continually improve it.

It is not your job, however, to update your website all by yourself. Such a task should definitely be left up to the experts. Lucky for you, MeloTel employs such experts. Our Bloggers For Hire team is made up of the most clever and articulate writers available anywhere. If your site needs relevant and interesting content, they’re the right choice. As well, our Web Design Services and Affordable Website Maintenance Plans are designed to have your company website kept in tip-top shape without exceeding your budget.

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