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5 Benefits You Get With A Dial By Name Directory

Your customers support you for a number of reasons. And you may be surprised to know that your products and services may not always top the lists for the reasons why. The ways in which you interact with your customers play huge roles in the type of customer loyalty your brand attains. People need to have great experiences with you in order to continue wanting to do business with your company.

At MeloTel, our many years of experience in the telecom industry have taught us that communication is everything. Yes, communication often tops the list of necessities to make any relationship last. And this is why it remains important in the business world. The incredible VoIP Telephone Features that come with our Commercial Telephone services help for our clients to be top-notch communicators.

And there are many ways that our services help to pull this off. Take, our Company Directory, Dial By Name feature, for example. Not only does it help your brand present itself with a very professional and high-level aura, but it provides an incomparable convenience to your callers whenever they dial up your business and no one is available to take their calls. Here are five benefits you get with a Dial By Name directory.

1. It makes your phone representatives easy to find. Depending on the size of your business, you may have numerous team members who take calls from their clients. When customers dial up your company, you’ll want to make it easy for them to get in touch with the representatives of their choice. Our Dial By Name features allows callers to search your employees by their first or last names.

2. It allows for your staff to be reached anywhere. One of the greatest aspects about VoIP technology is that it does not tie people down to any specific phone line. That means that even when your representatives are not at their workstations – or even in the office, for that matter – your Dial By Name directory can help for callers to get in touch with your employees on devices of their choice.

3. You can make changes easily. No two Dial By Name directories are alike. You have the option of setting yours up in any way that you see fit. You can include as many employee extensions that you like or limit them to a specific number of individuals. You can set up voice prompts to direct callers based on the departments they are looking for or allow for particular individuals to be reached if the callers already have specific extension numbers.

4. It communicates your company’s attitude. Naturally, a Dial By Name directory comes with a voice that should be able to communicate a particular attitude about your brand. You can never go wrong with friendly and polite. But this feature gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a unique way that can endear callers to your company. Choose to voice your greetings yourself or allows the professional vocalists in our Voice Talent Production team to do it for you!

5. It’s available with MeloTel’s Commercial Telephone services. There are many benefits to making the switch to MeloTel. Not only are you bound to save money on your monthly phone bills, but there are seemingly endless features that come along with using VoIP technology over traditional phone lines. Not to mention, making the switch is easy. Simply give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL to learn more about how you can take advantage of our services today!