5 Benefits Of Telephone Conferencing

From the “tell me something I don’t know” files comes the following statement: the internet has changed the world! Quite obviously, the ways in which we are able to communicate have vastly changed considering that the worldwide web allows us to easily keep in touch with individuals from all over the globe. On a regular basis, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter keep people from every spot on Earth connected.

As a business owner, it’s a no-brainer to implement as much VoIP technology at your company as you can to take advantage of its many great benefits. The internet has pretty much allowed us to place different people in the same room when each of them is physically located in different countries. Phone conferencing, for example, is a business practice that is often employed to connect business people from various remote locations.

This is especially important in today’s world since so many of us are often on-the-go. In addition, many businesses conduct their day-to-day operations with associates in other countries, so face-to-face meetings on a regular basis aren’t always possible. In lieu of being able to hold a traditional meeting, telephone conference calls have become saviours for many businesses. Here are five benefits of telephone conferencing.

1. It’s cost-effective. Just think about the money you save, as a business owner, when you conduct a telephone conference instead of an in-person meeting. It eliminates the need for travel. So right away, you’re saving money on gas, car rentals, airline tickets and hotel fees. As well, VoIP technology makes the high costs associated with long distance bills a thing of the past. Using the internet instead of a traditional phone line is a big money saver.

2. It saves time. Of course, you’re not only saving money with telephone conferencing. Not having to travel is a time-saver as well. Telephone conferences promote organization. Generally, they are mediated by one person who delineates responsibility to each person on the line, giving each person an opportunity to speak. Agendas are often laid out and question and answer periods are usually encouraged. Like a regular meeting, this is all expected to be done within a certain time frame.

3. It makes everyone accessible. Obviously, when you use telephone conferencing over face-to-face meetings, it eliminates many of the excuses that may come up for why certain participants cannot attend. In many cases, a participant doesn’t even need to roll out of bed in order to take part in a telephone conference! No matter a person’s location, he or she can be involved. It allows for a several people to all be in on one meeting regardless of physical location.

4. It makes use of modern technology. In many cases, telephone conferences aren’t kept strictly to the phones. Modern technology, as you may know, allows participants to incorporate the use of cameras in order to be streamed live on screens. This often helps for the conversations to flow better since expressions on faces can be seen as they would if the meeting was held in person. The use of recorded video can also be implemented in such conferences.

5. It’s affordable through MeloTel! When you sign up for MeloTel’s Commercial Telephone services, Mobile and Conferencing features become available to you. You can schedule and have multiple conferences on your conference number, or you can dial internally within your network. This feature also supports both one-time and recurring conferences. For more information, be sure to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!