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MeloTel CEO John Meloche Turns The Big 3-5!

Please join us in wishing MeloTel’s founder and CEO, John Meloche a very happy 35th birthday! At MeloTel, we’re only too happy to celebrate John’s birthday as he isn’t really the type of guy to shine the spotlight on himself. (He leaves that to the rest of us!). As MeloTel’s CEO, John has displayed many years of selflessness by putting the needs of his customers at the top of his list of priorities.

MeloTel has reached high levels of success in a short time thanks to John’s dedication to others. Insisting that MeloTel is in the “customer satisfaction business”, he has helped to catapult his company into “major player” stratosphere in the telecom world. You may be thinking, however, that discussing John’s “many years” in the business is an overstatement. After all, at 35 today, John is still one of Canada’s youngest entrepreneurs.

However, today isn’t just John’s 35th birthday. Today also happens to mark his 20th anniversary in the marketing, design, copywriting and business consulting industries. Yes, at the tender age of 15, John already had made up his mind about entering a line of work that he knew would provide business necessities well into the future. Starting out by designing websites and establishing alternative phone services, John’s quest to change the Canadian business landscape has taken him on quite a long journey.

It’s one, however, that he can be very proud of. Of course, in the 20 years that have passed since John’s birthday also became his entrepreneurship anniversary, he has also celebrated a number of other major milestones. He married his beautiful wife, Kathryn in September 2010 and the couple would welcome their first-born son, Mark in October of 2013. With husband and father added to John’s list of titles, it’s hard to deny that he is quite the accomplished 35 year-old.

And yet, whenever John is asked about himself, he is quick to turn the attention around on the person he’s speaking to. Back when he was designing websites, he revealed, in an interview, his take on how to serve his customers. “My website isn’t about me. It’s about you,” he stated, “The same thing applies to your website. It’s not about you. It’s about your customers. It’s to help them decide whether or not you are the solution they are looking for. If your customers like your website, trust me, they will like you too!”

This same attitude is very prevalent today. As MeloTel’s CEO, John insists upon putting his customers first. In MeloTel’s “Message From Our CEO”, John states that “like many other decision makers, I am sure you understand that quality service and communication are most important when it comes to your service. MeloTel is servicing businesses and franchises with that philosophy. This ensures you have the qualified experience to back your company’s best interests anywhere in Canada and beyond.”

To John, MeloTel is as much about helping others as it is helping his own business to grow. After all, without the success of our clients, MeloTel’s success would not be possible. For this and the many other reasons that make John an all-around lovable guy, we wish him the very happiest of birthdays today. After all, it’s up to us to celebrate him since he isn’t quick to do it himself. Not in a serious way, anyway. The fun-loving 6’7” giant is known for joking around with his friends and colleagues.

But when it comes to providing MeloTel’s customers with top-notch services and customer service, it’s no joke to John. In fact, he’d probably like nothing better than to celebrate his birthday by introducing you to any of the many great services that MeloTel provides. From our Commercial Telephone services to our Bloggers For Hire, MeloTel continues to be a major player in the “customer satisfaction business”.

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