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5 Important Reasons To Travel With Your Phone Number

Change is inevitable. As time goes on, all things must experience some type of modification. Take your place of business, for example. Has it always looked exactly the same? Surely, over time, you’ve renovated the decor to keep things looking fresh and modernized. Perhaps, you’ve even moved the location of your business once or twice. If so, then you’re well aware that change can be good. However, change can also present us with difficulties.

When changing locations, businesses are forced to get new phone numbers so that they can be contacted at their new digs. Or do they? With the advent of VoIP technology, much as changed in the world of telephone services. At MeloTel, our Commercial Telephone services allow our customers to enjoy local and toll-free number portability. That means that no matter where you move your office location, your telephone number goes along with you!

You can even operate your business without any specific physical location when making use of our incredible VoIP Telephone Features. But it’s a good thing to know that wherever you decide to conduct business, your important customers can reach you. It should never be underestimated just how important it is for your clients to know that you are never out of reach. In today’s blog, we’ll explore five reasons why it’s important to travel with your phone number.

1. It provides familiarity. Once your customers have gotten to know your phone number, it’s not something that they’ll likely wish to re-memorize. Sure, most phone numbers are stored in people’s smartphones these days. But who even wants to re-program those numbers? The more familiar your phone number is to your clients, the more likely they are going to continue to call you. Changing your number because of a move could risk the loss of important clients.

2. It shows stability. Business owners always need to be concerned with the impressions that their companies give off. To communicate that you run a stable and dependable business, it’s important to show some consistency. The changing of your business phone number could be cause for concern for certain clients who want to make sure that they are dealing with a reputable brand.

3. It provides convenience. At MeloTel, we’re all about making the lives of our customers easy. And we love helping our clients make the lives of their customers easy as well. When our clients move the locations of their businesses but keep the same phone numbers through our VoIP telephone services plan, it makes the lives of their customers easier. No changes in phone number means no problems in finding the company when it’s needed.

4. It prevents forgetfulness. At the end of the day, we all have way too much of our minds to be mindful of the various changes that are happening in our world. Sometimes we just forget to write down those new numbers given to us or to make those changes in our smartphones. When we know a number, we prefer that it doesn’t change. The same can be said when people change credit cards, for example. Getting a new number is often an inconvenience.

5. It keeps current customers. Speaking of those bad memories, if you have customers who aren’t aware of your new number or simply forgot that you had one, then you’re pretty much out of luck. Sure, they can research you online to locate your new number, but keeping in mind that whole “providing convenience” thing, you don’t want to have to put people through the hassle. Take your phone number with you wherever you go, and you’ll take your current customers along with you!

For more information on our Commercial Telephone services and the portability features that come with them, please give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!