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Why Accepting Feedback Is Good For Your Business

In today’s business world, a company’s reputation counts for a lot. Perhaps it always has. But, these days, consumers have the ability to share their thoughts and views about the companies they do business with very easily. The internet is quite powerful. There are countless different platforms that allow people to write up customer reviews. If your company has received a negative review online, it can do quite a lot to damage its reputation.

That is, of course, unless you respond to the negative feedback. Feedback, in fact, is something you should covet, as a business owner. From both your employees and customers, feedback is practically essential if you wish to make improvements to your brand. The more you listen to those who directly work for you and with you, the more you’ll be able to satisfy everyone involved.

Feedback improves both employee engagement and the customer experience.

It’s all about building trust. When people feel comfortable approaching you with advice, it helps to open up the lines of communication. Strong communication and trust are extremely important ingredients in any good relationship. If you can be trusted, you will not only improve your company’s culture, but grow its customer base with loyal supporters.

“If you are able to build trust and be honest (not just say the words but actually do something about it) then it is probably the most powerful employee engagement or customer service tool available,” writes business owner, Jas Hawker on, “Happy employees/customers are likely to be more productive employees/customers.”

Encourage “two-way street” feedback.

All good conversations involve back and forth dialogue. You have every right to give your own feedback while accepting the feedback given to you. This is especially important for strengthening your employee relationships. Providing feedback is a key way to improve the performances of your employees. Accepting feedback is a key way to improve your ability to lead. believes that giving and receiving feedback is a skill.

“As the leader, embrace 360-degree feedback,” the site advises, “This includes hearing from customers, partners, vendors, investors and fellow employees who are anywhere in the company hierarchy. You can create a continuous feedback loop through various processes, but largely through your own attitude and behaviour. Give feedback to others regularly, constructively, sensitively and honestly.”

Monitor/Whisper Control Panel is the ultimate feedback tool!

If you own or manage a call centre, the importance of providing feedback likely doesn’t have to be explained to you. It is essential that you’re able to pinpoint the different areas of improvement that can be had by each of your phone agents. With MeloTel’s innovative Monitor/Whisper Control Panel, providing feedback is made easier than ever!

The “monitor” portion of the service enables you to listen to both parties in each live call undetected. The “whisper” portion of the service allows you to subtly drop in and coach your agents on their live calls, at any stage of the sales process. If necessary, you can also quickly “barge-in” to immediately assist and resolve any pending issues your rep may be unable to fulfill.

Let feedback grow your business! For more information about Monitor/Whisper Control Panel, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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