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3 Reasons To Send Out Email Newsletters

At MeloTel, we see as ourselves as “practice what you preach” people. What we highly recommend, we do ourselves. This is most certainly true when it comes to email marketing. Each week, we send out a new email newsletter to our subscribers. And we regularly encourage our clients to reach out to their own customers on a regular basis. Email newsletters provide great ways to keep in constant contact. They serve as excellent online methods of building and maintaining customer relationships.

Here are three reasons to send out email newsletters:

1. They grow your customer relationships.

Remember that, in today’s business world, customers expect more from the companies they support. Instead of just products and services alone, they want relationships that make them feel valued as customers. Your email newsletters should offer exclusive opportunities for your subscribers to take advantage of. New product lines, special discounts, upcoming events – these and other highlights of your brand should be delivered directly through your newsletters.

“Publishing a newsletter gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of your company and its products and services,” writes Ian Linton on, “Customers and prospects may have a limited perspective of what your company can offer if they only view your advertisements or receive promotional email. Newsletter content builds a broader picture. To encourage readers to find out more, include links to more detailed information on your website.”

2. They help to drive sales.

What better way to let your customers know about the great products and services you have to offer than to tell them directly? Newsletters are great for boosting sales. You don’t have to take our word for it. reveals some very telling statistics based on a study conducted by Convince & Convert.

“44 percent of email subscribers made at least one purchase based on a promotional email they received in 2015,” notes the website, “And, even better, people who make purchases marketed through emails spend 138% more than people who do not receive emails. If you’re still wondering if and why are newsletters important – think of all the sales opportunities you’re missing out on if you don’t send out regular newsletters.”

3. They showcase your expertise.

Who doesn’t like working with an expert? When you send out regular newsletters, you don’t just provide your company with an added method of advertising, you highlight the fact that you’re an expert in your field. Your informative newsletters demonstrate that you’re ready to help, can answer questions and can be depended on to solve problems had by the members of your target audience.

“A newsletter can demonstrate your expertise and build confidence in your company as a potential supplier,” agrees Linton, “To establish leadership, include articles that cover important issues in your market sector or share information on industry research. Provide details of any conferences where your company is making a presentation.”

MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have a lot of experience writing email newsletters. Our team of writers is adept at using the appropriate phrasing and verbiage so that your audience will be motivated to take advantage of the opportunities presented in your emails. When speaking directly to your customers, using the right wording is of paramount importance.

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