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Taking Your Business To The Next Level With Text Messaging

How often do you send text messages? We’re guessing that you do so regularly enough that you couldn’t possibly count how many texts you send in a day. We all send text messages. We all receive text messages. So doesn’t it stand to reason that texting makes for a great marketing strategy?

As a business owner, it’s wise to send texts out to your list of subscribers. As our blog has noted in the past, text messaging is valuable to your business. It’s a non-intrusive, direct form of communication that provides you with a ton of flexibility. Not to mention, text messages are a lot more likely to be read than emails. By using texts to promote your business, you put yourself in a much better position to take it to the next level.

Texts are read more frequently than emails.

What happens when you get a text? Your phone buzzes and/or it gives you an audio notification. You know the second you get a text. As a result, you most often look at your phone right away. This is one of the top reasons texting makes such a great marketing tool. It often provides immediate results.

Trillions of texts are sent out yearly, all over the world. The majority of those messages are read within three minutes of their receipt. By contrast, research has shown that less than a fifth of all phone calls are answered without being placed on hold. As well, about the same percentage of emails are unopened.

Texts keep you current.

Name someone you know who doesn’t own a smartphone. If you’re looking to attract a wide audience – especially one with many young people in it – texting is for you. These days, people do everything on their smartphones. They surf the internet, take photos, film videos, stream music and yes…send text messages.

By texting your customers, you keep current. You practically assure yourself of reaching people on the devices they use more than any other. Keep in mind that, by sending texts, you will very likely increase your web traffic. That brings us to our next point.

Texting will grow your online audience.

Okay, so we know most text messages get read. What do you think happens with texts that contain links to your company website? By sending site links in your texts, you stand the chance of significantly growing your online traffic. More than half of all web traffic takes place on mobile devices. Because of this, in April of 2015, Google updated their search algorithm to favour mobile-friendly websites. They called it “Mobilegeddon”.

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