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Using SMS Marketing To Text Your Way To Success

How many text messages have you sent today? Can you even guess how many you’ve sent for the week? Nearly every one of us sends texts multiple times per day. It’s a wonder that more businesses aren’t utilizing text messaging for promotional purposes. Also known as SMS (short message service) messaging, this promotional tactic truly packs a punch when it comes to engaging customers.

It offers instant communication.

When you send an email, it’s totally up to the recipient to check it. The message can languish in the inbox for an undetermined amount of time. A text, on the other hand, always provides a notification to its recipient. This means that it generally receives immediate attention. Such instant communication is perfect for time-sensitive promotions, flash sales or urgent updates.

Think about the impact you can have when you’re notifying customers about a limited-time discount. Consider the importance of immediacy when there is a sudden change in business hours. SMS marketing ensures that your important messages are both delivered and seen quickly. The speed of delivery means you can create a sense of urgency. This drives immediate action from your audience.

It boasts extremely high open rates.

If you want your messages to be read, texting is a good way to achieve that. This is because SMS open rates are continually reported to average about 98 percent. That’s pretty much saying that everyone who receives a text message ends up reading it! Say goodbye to unread messages. The high visibility of your texts ensures your messages will receive high rates of engagement.

What does this mean for your business? Your customers will be more likely to respond to texts. This makes it an ideal channel for calls-to-action like “visit our store” or “check out our website.” At the end of the day, the greater engagement will lead to higher customer traffic and a boost in sales.

It makes customers feel special.

If you’re looking to add that personal touch to your marketing efforts, you’ve found it in SMS marketing! Unlike traditional modes of advertising that are meant for large audiences, your text messages can be catered to their specific recipients. This high degree of personalization can enhance customer relationships. Think of the impact of addressing customers by their first names. Consider the effect of tailoring messages to their preferences and past behaviours.

SMS marketing lets you create more engaging experiences. Personalized texts can include birthday discounts, loyalty rewards or special offers based on previous purchases. This level of customization shows customers you value them as individuals. As you can imagine, this can increase their loyalty and likelihood to engage with your business.

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