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Looking Forward To Shining The Spotlight On Your Brand

At MeloTel, we’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on customer engagement. It’s more than just providing customer service. It’s important for us to get involved with our customers. To be more specific, our team takes an active role in helping our clients succeed. When they entrust MeloTel as their service provider, we feel an obligation to ensure that our services help them and their employees to perform at their best.

As an example, our Founder and CEO, John Meloche has often visited clients personally – even when their locations are hours away! By doing so, he is able to provide hands-on service that guarantees results. Not to mention, the in-person visits also help to grow the relationships MeloTel has with all of its supporters. As you may have noticed from yesterday’s blog, our team is taking things a step further with trying to get our customers more involved.

We want your tips, tricks and stories!

In our announcement, we revealed a new monthly contest that will put some extra cash in the pockets of some lucky clients. All we ask for, as a means of an entry into the contest, is for you to share your tips and suggestions to be included in one of our upcoming weekly newsletters. In our “Tips & Tricks” newsletter, we will be offering special insight about how to best use MeloTel’s services.

Those tips will come from you! That way, our newsletter will both spread valuable information and highlight your business. To submit your suggestions, thereby entering you into our contest for a monthly cash prize, all you need to do is fill out a few boxes on our new Client Tips, Tricks & Story Submission form. The entire process will only take you about a minute.

We’d also like to shine the spotlight on your business!

While you’re at it, there is one more form we invite you to fill out. Our Client Spotlight Request Form asks you for a few more details about your business. By filling out the boxes provided with some useful information, you will enable us to compose a “Client Spotlight” newsletter that focuses on your company and its relationship with MeloTel.

This form will only take you a few minutes to complete. Included in the information we’re looking for is a little history about your organization, your story about switching to MeloTel and your take on how MeloTel helped to change your business.

Highlighting your brand in one of our future newsletters is just another way that MeloTel is working to build our customer relationships. We don’t just enjoy interacting with you but we take pride in being able to help your business grow its reach and achieve greater success. If there’s anything further we can do to improve our relationship and help your business grow, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

As always, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website. And don’t forget to fill out those forms! We look forward to shining the spotlight on your brand.

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