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Making Thanking Your Customers A Year-Round Activity

This year, Thanksgiving Day (here in Canada) takes place on Monday, October 14th. So, over the course of the next couple of weeks, Canadians will be preparing their long weekend plans which will, more than likely, involve large family get-togethers involving bellies filled with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

The next couple of weeks are also bound to see a few MeloTel blog entries dedicated to the concept of giving thanks. As declared in the title of today’s blog, it’s something that business owners should be doing all year-round. As reported by Sarah Chambers on, “a study by TD Bank found that 60 percent of consumers said appreciation should be conveyed by saying thanks directly to the individual, while 44 percent agreed that thank yous should be personalized.”

There’s no question we should all be thankful for our customers. So what are the best ways to show them how thankful we are?

Go old school and handwrite a note to thank your customers.

This appears at the top of the list of “25 Ways To Thank Your Customers” on But the site is not alone. This suggestion tops many an industry expert’s lists – so it tops ours as well! Sure, we can all send thank you emails, but the handwritten note offers an extremely personal touch. Have you had a particularly great interaction with a customer lately? Did you welcome new clients on board in recent weeks? Get writing those thank you notes!

“It’s surprising how rarely this proven way of showing gratitude is actually used,” notes Help Scout, “Can you remember the last time you received a handwritten thank-you card? Your note should be specific and personal. Write fewer notes if you need to, but maximize the impact. The extra time is worth it! You’ll make your customer’s day — everyone loves receiving real mail!”

Offer your customers free samples of your goods.

Is there anyone in the world you doesn’t like getting something for free? Giving out free samples of your products is a certified way to put smiles on faces. It’s not just a show of your appreciation, but it’s also a way to secure repeat business. The combination of your generosity and opportunities for customers to try out your goods will encourage them to keep coming back.

“Free samples aren’t just an amazing way to surprise and delight your customers, they also showcase something the customer hasn’t tried yet,” agrees Chambers, “If they like it, you might even see them purchase in their next order. Just be sure to try and match the sample to your customer’s profile as much as possible to make sure it’s something they can use.”

Blog about your customers!

At MeloTel, we enjoy writing Client Spotlight blogs. As you may have guessed, these are blogs that focus on our great clients, highlighting what they’re all about, what they offer and what their relationships are with MeloTel. These blogs represent just one of our ways of saying thanks!  If you’d like to be featured in a future Client Spotlight blog, please don’t hesitate to fill out our Client Spotlight Request Form!

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