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We’re Excited To Roll Out Our New Weekly Newsletter Concepts!

Last week, our blog delivered the news that MeloTel was in the midst of revamping its weekly newsletter. Our intention is to provide content in each newsletter that is more useful and intriguing for our subscribers. We also plan on making our weekly newsletters more engaging. That means that they will involve YOU!

This week, we decided that we are going to have four main newsletter concepts with a different one appearing each week. They will rotate with each other so that each concept appears monthly. This new idea of ours is already garnering some attention from our newsletter’s subscribers. So, we’d like to extend the same privileges to our blog readers in hopes that, if you haven’t already, you will subscribe to our newsletter as well!

Here are our four new newsletter concepts:

1. Tips & Tricks.

Once a month, we will be sending out a newsletter that is based on entries submitted from one of our esteemed clients. We’re looking for your personal take on how to best use MeloTel’s features and services. Submitting your feedback is easy! Simply fill out our brand new Client Tips, Tricks & Story Submission form for the opportunity to be prominently featured in a future newsletter. Here’s the kicker: your submission doubles as a contest entry!

2. Contests.

That’s right! Whenever you submit your story to MeloTel, you automatically enter into a contest to win a cash prize! If your story is picked, you will have your company highlighted in our Tips & Tricks newsletter, but also showcased in our Contest newsletter. On weeks when this newsletter is sent, we will include pictures of the winners and details about their brands.

We will also recap the winning tips and tricks and remind our subscribers that they have time to enter into the next month’s contest. Cash prizes will be sent through email money transfers. So, not only will your submission earn you some free advertising (which we’re only too happy to provide), but you may make yourself a little richer in the process!

3. FAQs.

Quite obviously, the MeloTel team is asked questions all of the time. We believe that we can provide far greater value to our clients and newsletter subscribers by sharing the answers to those questions in our monthly Frequently Asked Questions newsletter. By all means, please feel free to continue to call us and email us with your questions. They can be product and service-specific, industry-related or even completely random! Perhaps, we’ll have some fun with these ones.

4. Client Spotlights.

As is our primary goal, we’d like to make our weekly newsletters more about you. In the past, we’ve blogged about our esteemed clients through a series of blogs known as Client Spotlights. We’d now like to provide that courtesy through our newsletters. If you would like to be featured in one of our monthly Client Spotlight newsletters, it’s as easy as filling out our Client Spotlight Request Form!

After you fill it out, we will be in contact with you in order to set up a quick phone interview. It will help us get some of the specifics we’ll include in the Client Spotlight newsletter about your business.

We hope that you’re looking as forward to this new venture as we are! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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