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Client Spotlight: Cora Breakfast & Lunch

If you’re like most people, you absolutely love breakfast food. Enjoying top-quality deliciousness of the breakfast variety is exactly what you get when you visit Cora. The breakfast and lunch specialist is known for its belly-filling sumptuous eats. If you just so happen to live in or around the Pickering, Ontario area, the Cora restaurant located at 1755 Pickering Parkway is a must-visit destination!

The MeloTel team is elated to be friends with Al Marani.

Al is the co-owner and general manager of Cora in Pickering. MeloTel CEO, John Meloche and his family are long-time diners at Al’s Pickering-located Cora. Opening up the location in May of 2008 with his parents, Al became friends with John and his wife Kathryn as well as their sons, Mark and Lukas. Over the years, they’ve enjoyed many of the delicacies offered exclusively by Cora.

Among them is one of Al’s personal favourites: The 1990s Harvest. “It’s one of the original plates on the menu from over 30 years ago,” informs Al, who goes on to describe the dish in mouth-watering detail, “It’s a cinnamon brioche bun that’s dipped in French Toast batter. It’s served with eggs and bacon and comes with a complete assortment of fresh fruit as well. It’s a super good meal that doesn’t get the love it deserves.”

Al recently grew his friendship with MeloTel.

As we all know, in the wake of the pandemic, the restaurant industry was hit extremely hard. Recognizing this, buddies Al and John discussed a mutually beneficial agreement to have MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services bolster business for Al’s amazing eatery.

“When the pandemic hit, John – who is one of the most generous guys on Earth – said that he wanted to make my life a little bit easier by helping me with takeout orders,” explains Al, “Takeout orders were becoming a bit hard to manage because we only had one phone line. John offered what ended up being a five-line system where we were able to get multiple orders in all at the same time.”

“It worked out beautifully,” Al continues, “We also benefitted from the fact that we were able to do things like state our hours, state our location, state our reservation policies and COVID policies. So that people who had quick easy-to-answer questions could be dealt with by an automated system rather than having to have somebody answer the phones and give that information and potentially lose a takeout sale as a result.”

Al sees Cora’s relationship with MeloTel helping long into the future.

“We’ve found our footing, as best as we can, with this new hybrid of doing takeout over the phone, Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats and dine-in,” Al tells us, “It’s become this new model that we all have to work with. With the advantage of now having the Cloud Softphone in place, we’re able to maximize our time in that we’re not going to get bogged down in the way that we used to, with unnecessary phone calls.”

“As our volumes hopefully increase, it’s really critical to have as much automation in place as possible,” Al concludes, “That’s what MeloTel is affording us right now. We basically have someone virtually answering the phones for us. It works out great.”

On behalf of MeloTel, we would like to thank Al for both his friendship and support. We’re so very happy and proud to be a small part of Cora’s ongoing success! To learn more about MeloTel’s cloud-hosted services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email