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Ridding Yourself Of Spam For Good

spamSpam is annoying. It’s no different than a salesperson knocking on your door five to ten times a day attempting to sell you a product. It’s no different than having a telemarketer call you five to ten times a day to push a new service. Why should getting five to ten unsolicited emails a day be any more acceptable? And let’s be honest. Spam usually attacks our inboxes at a much higher frequency than that!

Now we’re not talking about email marketing here. There are many benefits that come from creating an emailing list made up of willing participants from either your client base or members of your target market. A strong emailing campaign is one that actually sends out valuable information to a list that incorporates people from both groups. And your emails shouldn’t simply advertise.

The strength of email marketing comes by way of making your messages include points of conversation that are specifically targeted towards the audience who is intended to read it. Spam, on the other hand, is often seen as annoying because it’s the equivalent of throwing mud at a wall just to see if it will stick. There is nothing pinpointed or accurate about its delivery.

As a result, just about anyone can become part of a mailing list that is subject to spam. And, sure enough, this is why each and every one of us have fallen victim to it. Sure, there is a lot we can do to overcome spam. We can simply ignore it. Let’s all pretend that spam doesn’t exist. We’ll just not even look at it, bypassing it each day until we get to the emails that really matter. Not really going to work, is it? So what can we do?

Deletion. Click on each email that you receive and recognize as spam and just delete it. Truthfully, you will like have to repeat this step each and every day. All day long. Each deletion may not take long. But the deletions do add up. Just how long do we spend deleting spam each day? If we were to add up that amount of time and multiply it by the days in each month, we’d likely get terribly upset about how much time we’re wasting.

Unsubscribing. You can also do your part to avoid spam by replying to each and every one of those emails with a request for your email address to be taken off the mailing lists of those sending the spam out. As you can imagine, this too would take forever. And who’s to say that the spam would actually stop? Even if you avoid getting messages from older culprits, new ones are likely to appear.

MeloTel SpamTitan. We’re not even going to continue with suggestions about how to put a stop to spam because we know that they are all ineffective. All except for MeloTel SpamTitan! For only $2.00 a month per email account, MeloTel clients will be able to enjoy a solution to the spam problem. MeloTel SpamTitan utilizes a number of new technologies that effectively removes 99 per cent of spam!

These technologies include two antivirus products known as Kaspersky and Clam AV. Together they identify and block phishing mail as well as mail from Botnets, graphic based spam and malicious URLs. At MeloTel, we understand the need for you to spend your day more wisely. Allow MeloTel SpamTitan to delete spam so that you don’t have to! For more information, call 1-888-MELOTEL.