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5 Ways To Be A Successful Spam Fighter

Earlier this week, MeloTel President John Meloche posted the following on his Facebook page: “I’ve got big Inbox email problems. 176,987 emails in my email account. I guess over time it all adds up and eventually MS Outlook stresses out. I refuse to ever delete emails. I use my email much like ‘google’ for business. lol. Either way, there is always a solution.” Does this sound like a familiar situation to you?

As a business owner, you’re bound to get inundated with emails on a daily basis. If you were to sit there and sift through each and every one of your emails, it is likely that you wouldn’t have enough time to follow through on any other task that requires completion during your business day. You have a business to run. Checking your emails should be a small part of it. So how do you avoid all of the non-essential emails coming into your inbox?

Become a spam fighter! Spam has practically become a daily norm for most people. Business owners aren’t alone in their fight against unrequested emails that attempt to promote items, services and businesses that you have no interest in. So what can you do to become a spam fighting hero? Well, there are a few ideas that we can think of. But, to be honest, there’s only one that we know will guarantee success. Nevertheless, let’s look at these five tips.

1. Check the sender. Who sent you the email? Do you recognize the name or address of the person or business sending it? Usually, unfamiliarity is your first telltale sign of spam. But, then again, just because you don’t know who the email is from, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily spam. In many cases, legitimate newsletters come from addresses you may not recognize. So you may have to open your emails to determine whether or not they’re spam.

2. Don’t open unfamiliar links. People have funny ways of getting your email address and adding it to lists that you want no part of. Sometimes, the simple clicking of a link is all that is needed in order to place you on such lists. Don’t click on links from senders that you don’t know. Often, a sure fire sign that an email is spam is that it asks you to click on a link. Be mindful of such emails and delete them without getting yourself trapped.

3. Don’t fall for phony contests. How often have you received an email that indicates that you are a “winner”? Meanwhile, you don’t recall ever having entered a contest. You’ll want to avoid even reading such emails. When you are offered access to unclaimed money or free prizes for no rhyme or reason, chances are there is nothing legitimate about the message. It should go without saying to never reveal any personal information in response to such emails.

4. Don’t download attachments. Basically, you’ll want to keep your computer as free from unnecessary downloadable material as possible. The last thing you want is to invite a virus into your system. This is what often happens when you download an attachment from a sender that you don’t know. Often, such attachments are actually malware or viruses in disguise. Resist the temptation to click that download button!

5. Use MeloTel SpamTitan. As mentioned earlier, there is only one solution to spam that guarantees success. At just $2.00 a month per email account, MeloTel SpamTitan blocks over 99% of the spam that comes the way of your inbox! It uses the best technologies available in our industry to provide a solution to your spam problem. It’s quite quick and easy to set up as well. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!