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How To Properly Block Spam – Delete Or Unsubscribe?

We’ve all been victims of it. Who hasn’t opened their email to find numerous unsolicited emails from companies they’ve never heard of before? Spam – it’s annoying, to say the least. Most of us simply click the delete button on each and every one of these unwanted emails, thinking it’s the best solution for getting on with our days. After a while, all the time it takes to delete spam emails adds up. There has got to be a better way to deal with spam, isn’t there?

The answer depends on who you ask. Some industry experts suggest that you unsubscribe from all of your spam emails in an effort to prevent senders from delivering more spam in the future. However, there are those who believe we should just stick to deleting all of the spam we get. But how does this prevent more spam from coming?

The argument for clicking the “unsubscribe” button.

While most of us are clicking delete, we should probably click the “unsubscribe” button instead. Admittedly, this takes up more time as it requires you to open up each of your emails in order to locate this option. However, by unsubscribing from an emailing list, it should prevent that sender from delivering more spam in future. So be sure to look for “unsubscribe” links.

“These links usually appear down at the bottom of an email—because most of the time, the sender doesn’t really want you to unsubscribe,” writes David Nield on, “If you do take time to hunt down these links, they often direct you to a page that asks you to confirm your decision. Once you do so, most sources will respect your wishes and remove you from their mailing lists.”

The argument for deleting all of your spam emails.

There is a train of thought that suggests that any action you take on spam emails will confirm that your email address is valid. Therefore, clicking the “unsubscribe” button does nothing more than encourage spammers to keep bothering you. On, Susan Tenby advises people not to reply, forward or even open a spam message.

“Never, ever reply to a spam message,” she insists, “This includes buying a product that is for sale or clicking the often-misunderstood ‘unsubscribe’ link, which actually informs your spammer that you exist. If you can tell from the subject line that a message is spam, don’t open it — delete it.”

The argument for MeloTel Spam Portal.

The above-described argument is all quite confusing, isn’t it? At the end of the day, here are the facts: Deleting your spam doesn’t prevent more from returning and clicking “unsubscribe” doesn’t block the countless other spammers who may find your email address. MeloTel Spam Portal, on the other hand, offers the best available protection against spam!

It blocks more than 99.9% of all spam with the help of two antivirus products, Kaspersky and Clam AV. With MeloTel Spam Portal, we can identify and block phishing mail, mail from Botnets, graphic based spam, malicious URLs and implement a host of other security measures to ensure your organization gets the best protection available on the market!

For more information about MeloTel Spam Portal, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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