MeloTel Features

Introducing Voice Operator Panel!

voice-operator-panel-smallWho’s introducing a brand new feature bound to make your business run better? MeloTel, that’s who! Never shy to introduce new and inventive features, and always eager to improve the business atmosphere and productivity of your brand, MeloTel is back at it again with another great innovation. It is with great pride that we introduce the all-new Voice Operator Panel!

A professional SIP soft-phone for operators and receptionists, the Voice Operator Panel can be used as either a stand-alone soft-phone or it can be connected to any analog or VoIP hard phone in order to handle phone calls. It’s an excellent tool for call management and monitoring, giving you direct access to information about all of the calls that come in to your centre. But just how much will it help your business?

Call Management. Serving as an advanced software switchboard and attendant console, this feature will be a welcome addition to your everyday business activities. Its call management features will bring ease to your operators’ phone call-taking practices. Each call will be shown on a computer screen with an icon displaying its status along with a background colour to show its processing priority.

Operators will be able to see how long each call has been placed on hold as well as have each caller clearly identified. They will also be given the ability to edit this information, providing your company with updated and accurate details. Anonymous calls, for example, can be identified in the system once information about the callers is received. Taking calls is also made a breeze with Voice Operator Panel.

Operators are able to quickly answer incoming calls, place them on and off hold as well as transfer the calls. As well, calls can be automatically forwarded to available operators or diverted to voicemail systems. Not only is detailed information about each call given to your operators, but they have access to full control over the management of each of the calls coming in.

Call Monitoring. Voice Operator Panel is also a great tool for monitoring your phone lines and their users. Each user has an icon next to his or her name that shows the status of that individual’s phone. Operators can decide when to transfer calls to users depending on their availability. Even when calls are transferred to busy phones, the system will automatically place the calls on hold until the users are ready to take them.

The calls won’t come as surprises either. This great feature gives operators the opportunity to exchange messages with their users. That means that they can notify reps of incoming calls when their phones are busy. Finding users is easy too. Operators can do searches using business names, first names, offices, departments, titles, phone numbers and email addresses to locate users.

Voice Operator Panel is a dream come true for the talented operator and receptionist at your business. For more information or to take advantage of it today, contact MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL. We continually work to serve your needs and certainly look forward to having this new feature improve the call management abilities of your business in the near future!