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How Can The Olympics Help Your Call Centre Business?

Have you been keeping up with all of the action taking place during the current Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? Although, there have been some expectedly-tough competitions, they have been pretty thrilling thus far for a number of Canadians. One standout star is 16 year-old Penny Oleksiak of Toronto, who has already captured four swimming medals including a gold in the women’s 100M freestyle.

As well, another of our hometown heroes, Andre De Grasse is proving to be a force to be reckoned with on the track. Already capturing a bronze medal in the men’s 100M sprint, he also has his sights set on capturing a medal in the 200M event. The 21 year-old is currently the top qualifier to in the semi-final heats which are set to begin tonight. Excitement for the prospect for more medals is growing all across Canada!

How can the current Olympic Games excite your call centre staff? Well, it’s no secret that many call centre managers implement friendly competitions in their offices. This practice has long helped to encourage phone reps to perform at their best in order to outdo their co-workers and win prizes, bonuses and perks. Arguably, there’s no better time than now to implement an in-office Olympic Games to inspire your team members to boost their performances.

What types of competitions can you introduce? It’s always a good idea to place your various phone reps into different teams. A good sales contest should engage all of the members of your staff and not just the ones who are superior performers. Consider offering prizes to reps who show the best improvements from one day to another, top performers of the week and of the month and teams who have manufactured the most sales on a daily basis.

One way to do that is to implement a “gift game”. Every time one of your employees reaches a specific target, he/she should get the opportunity to select a gift of his/her choice. This type of game usually works best around the holiday season, but it isn’t necessary to wait. Is there any time of year when people don’t enjoy getting gifts? Considering that the gifts in this game come with great feelings of accomplishment, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try right away.

You may also want to implement an “early leave game”. Who doesn’t enjoy leaving work early on a Friday? With this incentive, you’ll likely have your teams make Fridays among your most productive days of the week. Every time a team reaches a specific target, its members should be able to take the rest of the day off. You may be surprised to see just how effective this game can be in boosting sales.

You can also hand out your own version of medals. Considering that your in-office competitions have been inspired by the current Olympic Games in Rio, it only makes sense that you dole out prizes for the top three performers of each week. Go ahead and have an award ceremony at start of each week to honour your top performers from the past week in front of the rest of your staff. Handing out certificates and perhaps cash bonuses is a great way to provide “medals” to those who deserve it.

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