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MeloTel Now Offers French-First Options To Quebec-Based Clients

Happy Canada Day everyone! We realize we’re a little early since Canada Day comes this Friday. However, if you weren’t already aware, MeloTel is a proud Canadian company. We wish everyone a very happy and safe Canada Day long weekend. But, perhaps more importantly, we would like to inspire every Canadian to be eternally grateful for the wonderful opportunity to live and work in this great nation of ours.

With that said, it’s important that we acknowledge one of the many things that make Canada great. We are a bilingual country. As you’re surely aware, both English and French are recognized as the country’s official languages. This is why, as Canadians, we’re pretty used to purchasing products that contain both English and French information printed on them. Of course, the nation’s bilingualism goes a lot further than that.

Bill 96 has been adopted in Quebec.

Last month, it was announced that the province of Quebec was passing a new bill. Bill 96 is also known as “An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec”. It proposes to strengthen Bill 101, the French-language charter, which was first introduced in 1977.

“Adopted May 23 in the final weeks of the Quebec’s 42nd legislature, the bill contains 200 clauses — major and minor — which the government says reinforce the use of French in all areas of Quebec life: from the courts and education system to municipalities and even birth and death certificate,” reports Philip Authier for the Montreal Gazette.

MeloTel is introducing a new change based on Bill 96.

In light of the new Bill 96 in the province of Quebec, MeloTel is happy to establish an updated e911 policy. It will ensure that our customers with services in Quebec will be directed to a French-first, English optional approach. We have established a new relationship with our e911 services. It makes sure that all e911 agents will be fluent in both French and English. They will be able to provide a French-first service to our Quebec-based Commercial Phone Services clients.

How will this change differ from our traditional e911 service? All of MeloTel’s customers are routed to their closest e911 call centres and greeted in English first with French as an option. Now, when our customers in Quebec call 911, they will be greeted in French first and have English as the option.

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