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Adopting The Convenience Of A Hybrid Work Model

Given the choice, would you prefer to work from the office or work remotely? For many people, this actually presents a hard decision to make. During the pandemic, the majority of us got used to working from home. As a result, we found great convenience in being able to conduct business in our pyjamas. Yes, we also liked using the bathroom with greater frequency!

By contrast, many of us also felt isolated. We longed for the days when we could see our co-workers and bond over funny stories and other daily happenings. Then again, avoiding long commutes was an amazing benefit of working from home. But, of course, you can’t replace the personal touch brought on by face-to-face encounters.

What type of work situation would you choose?

We asked this question on the MeloTel Facebook page and the MeloTel Instagram account yesterday. Interestingly, as of this writing, the responses were slightly in favour of remote work. We get it. As mentioned, working from home provides many conveniences. Among them is the ability to eat home cooked meals.

“I wasn’t a big fan of packing lunches,” messaged one of our online friends, “I prefer hot meals. Working from home allowed me to prepare hot lunches or at least toss something in the microwave that was left over from last night’s dinner. At work, I’d have to bring bags or Tupperware and it didn’t make for the meals that I like eating.”

Are you open to a hybrid work model?

We have entered into a new phase of the pandemic. Although it may seem like it is done, it’s important to note that the COVID-19 crisis has NOT been deemed over. There is still reason to maintain safety measures. With that said, we’re aware, of course, that restrictions have been eliminated in most parts of the continent. Therefore, many workers have returned to the office. Some businesses, however, are allowing their employees to work both from home and the office.

The hybrid work model is one where both locations are utilized. As a result, workers can maintain the conveniences they get from being at home during the day while not completely giving up the office atmosphere.

“I enjoy being around my co-workers,” replied another social media friend of ours, “But sometimes, it’s good to be able to feel like you have a day off. I still have work to do and everything. But avoiding the hustle and bustle of getting ready in the morning and driving during rush hour is a very welcome change.”

MeloTel is here to support your hybrid work lifestyle!

The MeloTel team is proud to be able to provide the types of cloud-hosted services that meet the needs of the hybrid worker. Take our Cloud Softphone, for example. It’s a free app for clients taking advantage of our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. With it, a person can make and take phone calls using their business extensions on their mobile devices.

That means that whether they are at home, in the office or on the road, they use the exact same phone number and extension. They can use their smartphones or their hardwired telephones at work. The choice is theirs!

For more information about our Commercial Phone Services and/or Cloud Softphone, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email