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MeloTel Founder And CEO, John Meloche Celebrates His 41st Birthday – Again!

Today is a very special day in the world of MeloTel. It just so happens to be the 41st birthday of our Founder and CEO, John Meloche. Because John turns the big 4-1 today, you may be thinking it isn’t all that special a milestone. After all, one year ago today, John entered his 40s, celebrating an occasion that most people deem as “special”.

You may be thinking that today is John’s first-ever COVID birthday, and that would be true. But that’s not the big deal. Needless to say, he’s spending the day isolated with his family. You see, today is a special birthday for John because it isn’t the first time he’s turned 41. Yes, you read that right! Back in 2012, John celebrated his 41st birthday in the music video for “Work To Do” by Perfeck Strangers.

In actuality, John was called upon to play the role of a company boss.

That may not seem like much of a stretch, but John wasn’t exactly re-enacting his true-to-life position as MeloTel’s head honcho. Instead, the music video, which served as a parody to the 1999 Mike Judge comedy film, Office Space had John playing a Bill Lumbergh-esque version of himself. The overly annoying, insensitive and oblivious office manager character, played by Gary Cole in the motion picture, was performed to perfection by John.

“He was perfect, no pun intended,” recalls Dan-e-o, who is one half of Perfeck Strangers with Promise, “I already knew John to be a character, but his ability to replicate Gary Cole’s dry, unwitting performance made the video hilarious. It was the perfect parody, thanks in large part to John. To this day, it’s still our favourite music video in our catalogue. I always get a good laugh watching it.”

“He may look big and scary,” adds Promise, “But John has such a warm heart full of joy. He’s kind of like Santa – no diss! It was great working with him.”

Worst. Birthday Party. Ever.

In “Office Space”, Bill celebrates his 41st birthday in office with his less-than-enthused staff. The scene was re-imagined with John as the boss being celebrated. Filmed nine years before his actual 41st birthday, John now has footage of a celebration that could never be experienced during the current pandemic.

When asked about the irony of having his 41st birthday party filmed nearly a decade in advance, John replied in classic John fashion. “I needed a good laugh to celebrate my 41st birthday,” he said, “This was it. I waited 9 years to post this video.” Apparently, John has psychic powers.

Download or stream Perfeck Strangers today!

“Work To Do” appears on the debut Perfeck Strangers album, “Series Premiere” which can be streamed on all music streaming platforms. The CD or digital download of the 12-track album can also be purchased directly from URBNET.

Please join the MeloTel family in wishing John a very happy – and very special – 41st birthday! And, as always, feel free to reach out directly to him in order to learn more about MeloTel’s various services including our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services. Call 1-888-MELOTEL today!


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