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Recalling Our Wonderful Trip To WETRA This Week

For the past two weeks, we have absolutely made it no secret at all that the MeloTel team is staunchly devoted to supporting the wonderful organization known as WETRA. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you are well aware that the Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association is near and dear to the hearts of MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche and his family.

John’s brother, Robb is a WETRA employee and John’s neice, Shaya has often ridden WETRA’s therapy horses in an effort to manage her special needs. In particular, Scout, who is pictured above, has offered Shaya numerous rides that have worked wonders in helping her with the challenges she faces daily. Since November, MeloTel has been the proud sponsor of Scout.

On Wednesday, MeloTel made a huge donation to WETRA.

As we reported two days ago, John, Chantel and Steeve visited WETRA to hand over a huge $46,529.57 cheque. Since October, the MeloTel team has been working to accumulate donations in order to offer the large sum. As you may know, John is still in the midst of collecting donations via his birthday fundraiser on Facebook.

The trip to WETRA, however, included a lot more than simply providing their Executive Director, Becky Mills with an oversized cheque. The MeloTel trio enjoyed an incredible tour of the facility and was privileged to learn a lot more about what WETRA does for those with mental, emotional and physical challenges.

WETRA is home to many wonderful animals.

As you can see from the above photo, Chantel is making the acquaintance of a micro pony. Although pretty small in stature, this cute little creature is actually full grown. Not built for riding, this animal still brings the children who visit WETRA a lot of joy as part of the facility’s petting zoo.

As you can see from the photo below, Scout is actually permitted to walk through the WETRA office. ‘He was able to walk through those two sliding doors without a problem,” John informed the members of the team who were unable to make the trip, “That’s the whole point of this place is that the horses are specifically appropriate for working very calmly. They were walking Scout through the door so that we could do the photo op in front of the building.”

CTV News reported on MeloTel’s visit to WETRA.

In yesterday’s blog, we highlighted the fact that Windsor’s CTV News subsidiary ran a story about MeloTel’s donation on their website. However, at 6:00 p.m. last night, the CTV News television broadcast also featured a segment about the visit. The entire MeloTel team is elated to know that its contributions are helping to bring some much-needed attention to WETRA.

“This is one of the greatest causes I know and I’m so happy to support it,” John exclaimed to the team upon his return to the office, “These people really do great things.”

“WETRA really does amazing things,” Chantel agreed, “From customizing riding gear, to providing grief counselling. The facility is a truly place of happiness. All the animals; bunnies, ponies, pigs and 19 horses all are so friendly and interactive.”

To assist us with our continued support of WETRA, please donate to John’s Birthday Fundraiser today!

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