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CTV News Reports On MeloTel’s Big WETRA Donation

As we reported in yesterday’s blog, members of the MeloTel team travelled to Essex, Ontario to offer WETRA a huge cheque. The literally-large cheque was handed over to WETRA Executive Director, Becky Mills by MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche. The amount of the cheque was large as well. The donated amount of $46,529.57 was an accumulation of donations grown by MeloTel over the past three to four months.

Yesterday, John was joined by MeloTel’s Administrative Assistant, Chantel Cascanette and our Customer Service & Technical Support Specialist, Steeve Martin. Together, the trio was privileged to learn more about the benefits of WETRA’s Therapeutic Riding Sessions, get a tour of the facility and even meet Scout, the wonderful therapy horse that has been sponsored by MeloTel since November.

CTV News covered the story of MeloTel’s donation.

Yesterday, the Windsor-based subsidiary of CTV News posted an article on their website detailing MeloTel’s generous donation to WETRA. Entitled “Windsor Essex Therapeutic Riding Association gets boost”, the online article can be read HERE. It’s brief enough, however, for us to transcribe it for you below:

“A Toronto businessman made a financial donation to a local therapeutic horse riding program,” reports the CTV News Windsor staff, “John Meloche, who sells telephone equipment for businesses, presented a $46,000 cheque on behalf of his company MeloTel to the Windsor Essex Therapeutic Riding Association.”

“Meloche says he has an eight-year-old niece who is in the program,” the article continues, “He says he’s noticed the change in her self-esteem since she started at WETRA a few months ago. Meloche also has a personal matching fundraising program on his Facebook site, which runs for another week.”

Donate to John’s Birthday Fundraiser!

If you’ve been keeping up with the MeloTel Blog over the past couple of weeks, you’re well aware that John celebrated his 40th birthday on January 26th. This past weekend was a joyous one as the big man and his wife, Kathryn opened their home to about 70 guests. They all visited to celebrate John’s milestone with the Meloche family.

However, you’ll also know, from reading our recent blogs, that John’s Birthday Fundraiser exceeded its original goal of $1000.00. Promising to match each donation, dollar for dollar, John’s donation has been brought to a total of $2310.00, as of this writing. You can certainly help him to reach his new goal of $3000.00 by generously donating today!

Why donate to WETRA?

WETRA’s therapy horses are utilized by both children and adults to help contend with their special needs. Those with physical, mental and emotional challenges greatly benefit from riding WETRA’s horses.

“Physical benefits include improved fitness, increased balance and coordination, and improved strength,” informs the WETRA website, “Social and emotional benefits include participation and interaction with peers, increased self-esteem and confidence, and decreased stress. Riding is fun and relaxing. Cognitive benefits include increased attention and improved ability to follow instructions. Therapeutic riding also offers educational opportunities through learning new skills and horse-related language.”

We’d like to thank CTV News in Windsor for acknowledging MeloTel’s donation and bringing some much-deserved attention to WETRA. To assist us with our continued support of WETRA, please donate to John’s Birthday Fundraiser today!

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