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How A ChatBot Can Work Wonders For Your Website

Chances are that you have spoken to a ChatBot on numerous occasions. In all likelihood, you did so without even knowing it. Have you ever visited a website? Of course you have. Have you ever received immediate customer service via a chat on a website you’ve visited? We’re guessing the answer is “yes”. We’re also guessing that you weren’t chatting with an actual human being. You were speaking with a ChatBot!

What exactly is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot is a service that is powered by artificial intelligence. It lets your website’s visitors interact with a chat interface. ChatBots are generally used to provide website visitors with better user experiences. They help to boost website conversions as well. At MeloTel, we proudly offer our own version of a ChatBot. It is known as the MeloTel ChatBot or “MeloBot” for short.

Our clients have enjoyed much greater success at converting their websites’ visitors into customers after implementing ChatBots on their sites. And they’re not alone! Major corporations all over North America are reaping the benefits of using this innovation. Facebook, Spotify, Starbucks, Staples, Pizza Hut, Disney, H&M, Mastercard, Amtrak and The Wall Street Journal are all on that list.

What are the response rates with ChatBots?

Research has determined that ChatBots get about 80 to 90 percent response rates. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has actually stated that ChatBots will be the secret to his platform’s success over the next decade. Amtrak’s use of ChatBots has helped the company to see ROIs of more than 800 percent! It is estimated that at least half of all companies will see their ChatBots outperform their mobile apps in the world of customer acquisition.

A ChatBot can help your brand accomplish five key objections. It will decrease your visitor response time; increase your conversions; improve customer service; reduce the cost of marketing; and increase your overall revenue. Consider the fact that, by using a ChatBot to provide customer service online, you don’t need to depend on human customer service reps to converse with your site’s visitors. The money you save on payroll is significant.

How do ChatBots help to generate leads?

ChatBots don’t just have conversations with your site’s visitors. They also help you to learn more about who your visitors are. ChatBots use direct messages to qualify visitors of your site. They then direct those individuals to where they want to be. Naturally, this increases your chances of conversions.

By simply asking your site’s visitors some probing questions, your ChatBot will qualify them as either hot prospects or not. Hot prospects are sent straight to your sales team or to the product pages they are most interested in. In the case of “not” prospects, your ChatBot can take their contact details to add them to your email subscriber list.

The utilization of MeloTel ChatBots has certainly gained momentum over the past five years. Data from Google Trends shows that, during that time, search volume around “MeloBots” has grown by 19 times! Are you ready to try MeloTel Web ChatBot? Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email