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Making The Lives Of Your Call Centre Employees Easier

Now, we’re not saying that all other jobs are easy. But the job of a call centre employee is certainly a gruelling one. Just ask anyone who has ever worked on the phones. Not only are these amazing individuals required to talk to hundreds of people every day, but they often have to overcome agitated responses from leads who feel like they are being disturbed. We’ve all probably been short with a telemarketer a time or two in our lives. Be honest – you have to feel for them.

This is why, as a call centre manager, you arguably have a tougher task than the average office manager. You not only need to manage a large group of employees, but you need to manage swinging moods and various personalities as well. Your job is extra important because these moods and personalities are often heavily impacted by the phone work being done in your office. And because these moods and personalities reflect the image of your business, in their worst states, they can create negative perceptions of your brand.

Your best bet, of course, is coming up with ways to ensure that the moods and attitudes of your call centre employees are at their best. So how do you ensure your call centre employees are happy? What can you do to make the lives of your call centre employees easier?

Provide positive feedback. We don’t think that there’s a human being in the world who doesn’t like to be appreciated. As important as it is for you to offer helpful tips and points of correction when your employees falter at different aspects of their jobs, you mustn’t be afraid to express a “job well done” any time it’s necessary. By offering positive feedback, you help to boost employee morale, which is known to boost employee productivity.

At MeloTel, we’re proud to offer the perfect “giving feedback” tool. The Whisper/Monitor Control Panel allows call centre managers to listen in to the calls of their phone agents live and as they happen. It also enables you to whisper information to your phone agent during the call that the other party can’t hear. That way, you can provide immediate feedback, helping to improve customer satisfaction immediately.

Adopt technology that allows for one-touch campaign dialing. You’re not still asking your staff members to manually dial phone numbers printed on pieces of paper, are you? Not only is the practice completely archaic, but it’s time-consuming and wasteful. By introducing a web-based technology that enables your team of phone agents to call their leads with quick link clicks, you automatically increase productivity in the call centre.

MeloTel’s DaFeeder Preview Dialer is a web-based telemarketing software that has revolutionized the way that call centre employees are able to make and take phone calls. Even the most inexperienced computer users find it easy to use. DaFeeder Preview Dialer allows you to load calling campaigns based on industry or any other category you see fit, so that your team of phone agents may call the right leads at the right times.

As mentioned, all that is needed to make a call is the simple clicking of link (a phone number) on a screen. With DaFeeder Preview Dialer, your reps can also make constructive and comprehensive notes to help both themselves and their co-workers on future calls with the same leads. This great service is known for enhancing effectiveness, driving sales, improving customer satisfaction and providing insight into performance.

Let’s work together on making the lives of your call centre employees easier! For more information about MeloTel’s Whisper/Monitor Control Panel and DaFeeder Preview Dialer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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