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Making Big Moves To Provide Better Services

As you are likely aware, MeloTel is going through quite the change this week. In our recent blog, “MeloTel To Undergo Data Centre Migration!”, we revealed our intent to physical move MeloTel’s infrastructure from our DC3 facility to our new state-of-the-art DC1 facility. Starting the migration process last night, there was a short interruption to our shared email, website and CRM hosted systems beginning at 11:00 p.m EST.

However, as that blog pointed out, we have 24/7 support lines open to assist any and all of our customers with any questions or concerns that they may have during this move. It’s as simple as calling us at 1-888-MELOTEL! Although these short service interruptions are unfortunately unavoidable, we know that our data centre migration will allow us to provide our customers with improved services going forward.

And our commitment to doing so will never be interrupted. This perhaps, was best exemplified by our Administrative Assistant, Michael Paz in a post to his Facebook account yesterday. “Last night I got home at 2 AM after making a trip to one of our client’s offices for an emergency support call,” Michael wrote, “Tonight we are physically moving our servers and equipment to our new data centre. It’s moments like these that define us. Rough nights living that ‪#‎ITLife‬”

At MeloTel, we know that it’s important to provide excellent service to our customers. That goes without saying. But it’s also important for us to communicate to them the things that we are doing to improve those services. We believe that one of the keys to top-notch customer service is to see things from the customer’s perspective. How would we feel if our services were interrupted, even for a short time?

Would we feel better knowing the reason for the interruption and how it would benefit us in the long run? Answering these questions ourselves help us to determine what courses of action to take to make sure that our clients are always kept in the loop. After all, that’s what MeloTel’s services are all about – crystal clear communication. And that’s why, as our President John Meloche put it, we are embarking on “the single biggest move in MeloTel history!”

Once our data centre migration is complete – which is set to be one week from today – we will not only resume our services in their full capacity, but we will improve upon them. Moving forward, MeloTel will be going all out to focus on the particular facets of our business that have benefitted our customers the most. Based on the feedback that we regularly get, we know what our strong points are and why they have been so successful.

Commercial Telephone. VoIP is taking over! We’ve known this for quite some time, as our VoIP telephone services are what started the entire MeloTel train running. But, as we’ve mentioned in a number of other recent blogs, there are various benefits that come along with ditching old-school landlines. Telephone conferencing, call routing, dial by name directories and voice mail to email capabilities are just a few of them.

Bloggers For Hire. Needless to say, we love blogging! And we don’t just love blogging on our own site, but we love blogging for you too. An excellent way to drive more traffic to your website and therefore your physical business location, blogging is one of MeloTel’s most attractive and increasingly-popular services. As always, we’d love to discuss all of the services that we provide with you in greater detail.

You know the number. Call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!