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3 Reasons To Get Your Blog Started

In the year 2015, content is king. In other words, a strong advertising regimen includes the regular updating of all of your company’s online entities. We’re talking about your website, your Facebook account and your Twitter profile – just to name a few. Without a strong online presence, you’re practically non-existent in today’s marketplace. We simply can’t avoid it. Consumers jump on the internet each and every day to research the products and services that they are interested in.

So how strong is your online presence? Obviously, it starts with having a website. To reiterate, not having a website communicates to your potential customers that your business doesn’t actually exist. Of course, that’s no way to grow your business. But once you do have your website established, it’s important to update it with content on a regular basis. How exactly do you do that? As you may have guessed, it’s all about blogging! Here are three reasons to start one today.

1. It gives your brand a voice. Now what exactly do we mean by that? This isn’t the first time that we’ve mentioned the concept of a company’s “voice” in one of our own blogs. Well, consider the fact that companies are no longer cold, free-standing entities that serve only to offer customers products and services. Brands are now required to develop relationships with their clientele. Your blog allows you to directly communicate with those who are interested in what you have to offer.

Blogs are generally written in somewhat of a speaking voice. Catch our drift? They are meant to be readable, yet informative. Entertaining, but relevant. Posting new blogs to your website is almost the equivalent of a friend reaching out to another friend. And when your “friends” get used to receiving this form of communication from you, they will be encouraged to keep returning to the website that provides this communication. This is what social media is all about. It’s important for your brand to be social.

2. It showcases your expertise. These days, customers aren’t just interested in what you sell. They’re interested in how you can make their lives easier. What value can they receive from your company over and above your products and services? Good advice, a laugh, a link to an interesting article – these are just a few of the “perks” that your readers will get from your blog, making it all the more worthwhile to do business with your company.

Furthermore, your blog gives you the opportunity to showcase just how skilled you are in your line of work. A big part of business success is the ability to earn the trust of your potential buyers. When you post blogs that are relevant to your industry, interested prospects will endear themselves towards you. People like working with experts. It gives them the confidence that they can depend on the brand represented by those experts. Your blog should convey that impression.

3. It presents more buying opportunities. At the end of the day, all business owners are concerned with growing their companies – as they should. With regular blogging, you present more reasons for people to log on to your website and peruse the various products and services that you have displayed. Naturally, your website should serve to provide contact information that will encourage customers to get in touch with you directly after visiting you online.

Posting links to your blogs to your social media profiles simply offers you more chances of having people check your company out. Blogging is today’s way of communicating with an audience in a way that doesn’t come off as blatant advertising. In today’s world, a strong online presence is important in building strong customer relationships. But what if you don’t consider yourself much of a blogger? What if you’re simply too busy to blog?

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