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4 Reasons To Hire MeloTel’s Bloggers For Hire

By now, it doesn’t even need to be stated that companies should be promoting themselves online. It’s hard to find a consumer, in today’s world, who isn’t quick to jump on the internet to research industries and businesses that they are interested in. If your company isn’t adequately represented online, it’s sure to lose out on a ton of business that it could have enjoyed otherwise. And we don’t just mean that you should have a company website.

Of course, that should be the first obvious step. Without a company website, your brand practically fails to exist. But the key to establishing and maintaining a strong online presence is to ensure that the content on your website never remains stale. People aren’t likely to visit your website more than once if they notice that every time they visit, they’re viewing the same old thing. It’s important to keep your content fresh!

That’s where blogging comes in. It’s simply the way of the world, these days. With regular blogging, your website enjoys freshly updated content on a regular basis. Whether it’s once a week, a few times a week or every day, posting a new blog will provide your readers with constant new information and more reasons to continue coming back. And think about it, the more they come back, the more chances you have to sell to them!

Here’s the thing. You’re a busy business owner. Do you really have the time to sit down to write your own blogs as often as three to five times a week? Even if you decide to write just once weekly, blogging is a commitment that takes time and effort. Do you even consider yourself a good writer? After all, your blogs need to present your brand in a professional light. Here’s four reasons to hire MeloTel’s Bloggers For Hire!

1. They give good impressions. Blogs are generally informal conversations that your company is having with its readers. They are meant to be light, easily readable, entertaining and informative. It’s important to have a skilled writer communicate your message for you. By going another route, you may run the risk of having your company come off as unprofessional. Our team of writers are excellent articulators and proofreaders. Your blogs will always give off good impressions.

2. They are incredibly worldly. Our blog writers have written about a very wide range of topics for a long list of clients all throughout Canada. Their writing acumen combined with their incomparable research skills have helped them to be quite learned in areas we never even imagined. Everything from urban music to health care to business promotion to vehicle manufacturing and more have been topics that our team has handled expertly.

3. They know how to get you noticed. One of the top reasons that company owners begin blogs on their websites is so that they can rank higher in search engines. Many of our clients give our bloggers the freedom to select the industry-related topics that will best suit the time of the year that the blogs are being posted. For example, last weekend’s Super Bowl was arguably the hottest topic on the internet for many days. Blogs about the big event got a lot of traction.

4. They will make you money. This is what it really comes down to, isn’t it? To reiterate, regularly updated content on your website will get it noticed a lot more often in search engines. It also will encourage your readers to keep visiting. And it will give you opportunities to introduce your products and services to new individuals via their favourite way to attain information – the internet!

For more information on how you can hire one of our Bloggers For Hire, please call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!