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5 Ways Call Routing Can Improve Customer Service

It’s all about customer satisfaction. If this is not a statement that you feel rings true to you, perhaps some adjustments need to be made at your business. For the most part, Canadian business owners are very well aware that their customers come first. Without meeting their needs and even surpassing their expectations, it becomes a lot more difficult to compete in today’s marketplace.

Vying for your customers’ attention is a non-stop practice for entrepreneurs. And that’s why providing top-notch customer service is so important. Consumers have options. So what will make them want to choose your brand over its competition? At MeloTel, we strive to put our customers first. And we know that it begins with the ways in which we communicate with them. It’s all about being accessible.

We know, however, that being accessible 24/7 yourself isn’t exactly all that humanly possible. So it’s important to have a telephone answering system that assures your callers that they will be put in touch with the appropriate department or representative whenever they call. Getting problems solved upon the first moment of contact plays a huge role in how beloved your company can become. Here are five ways that call routing can improve your customer service.

1. It saves time. People don’t like waiting. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a physical line-up or in a call waiting queue. Call routing helps for customers to avoid going through the long process of waiting to speak to the first person who picks up. Clients also don’t like explaining the reasons for their calls to new representatives when they can easily speak to those who already know the situations. If your clients are familiar with particular representatives of your brand, chances are they will prefer to speak to them again.

2. It reduces frustration. When a call is automatically routed to a specific representative of your business, it makes working with your company so much more enjoyable. This is especially true for accidentally dropped calls. If a caller can call back immediately and get the same person instead of having to go over all of the details of his or her concern again with someone new, it will spare your client a lot of unnecessary frustration.

3. It increases sales. Now how exactly does call routing pull this off? When you receive calls from your clients, the Caller ID feature will help you to determine the caller’s history with your company. As a result, your representatives will be better equipped to offer discounts and other promotional offers that meet the specific needs of your clients. Align your caller profiles with offers that are most likely to satisfy them and you allow for call routing to become a new path to increased revenue.

4. It educates your team. With call routing, you have the ability to accumulate information about the various calls that come into your company. Determining things such as average hold times and the most popular menu options chosen by your clients can teach you a lot about your customer base. Using this information, you can work to improve your caller’s wait times as well as your voicemail menus to increase overall customer satisfaction.

5. It performs many tasks. Call routing is one of the many awesome Telephone Features that are available through our Commercial Telephone services. It improves privacy protection, automates tasks and increases user productivity. As well, you can filter incoming calls based on the Caller ID feature and have predefined actions including call transferring all set up for you. For more information, please call 1-888-MELOTEL today!