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Completing Our Look At “Da Feeder 5 Minute(ish) Intro”

In our last blog, we introduced our recently posted YouTube video entitled “DaFeeder 5 Minute(ish) Intro”. In the video, MeloTel Founder and CEO, John Meloche details the ways in which our fantastic DaFeeder Preview Dialer service can make the lives of your call centre staff members so much easier.

With the help of visuals, John showcases the many benefits of using DaFeeder, which include setting up your own calling campaigns, loading scripts for your phone agents to read while on their calls and utilizing a quick and easy one-touch “Click 2 Call” button in order to dial the leads.

And while we certainly encourage you to click play on the video below in order to see and learn all about DaFeeder yourself, we thought we’d highlight some of the other great features of this service that we didn’t get to in our last blog.


There is a list of “what happened on the call” options that allows your phone agents to easily select the appropriate result of each call. The list includes such options as Gatekeeper (referring to the fact that someone other than the business owner answered the call), No Answer (the phone kept ringing without anyone picking up the line), Voicemail (left message), Voicemail (no message) and Other if the above mentioned options aren’t applicable.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate result, DaFeeder will save the information for that lead and allow your phone agent to set up a date and time to call the lead back. After completing this step, a new lead will automatically be loaded up for the rep to call.

Time Efficient Cold Calling

There’s no question that DaFeeder is an excellent time saver. The “Click 2 Call” one-touch dialing feature does away with the need to manually dial phone numbers. Consider just how much time it takes away from actually being on the phone when your phone agents are required to dial digits themselves. In the video, John puts it all into perspective.

“DaFeeder is intended to be a very fast cold calling platform that allows you to make quick, efficient phone calls,” explains John, “For some companies, their employees are required to dial various phone numbers manually. It may not sound like a big deal, but dialing time, when added up over the course of days and weeks can be astronomical.”

Rich Set Of Features

DaFeeder Preview Dialer has revolutionized how web-based technology helps small and medium sized businesses to manage their telemarketing, customer acquisition and political survey strategies. Its feature-rich set of processes enhances effectiveness, drives sales, improves customer satisfaction and provides insight into performance.

Supported by administration capabilities that adapt to how your company operates, DaFeeder is delighting companies and employees of all sizes across a broad range of industry sectors. For information about how this fascinating service can help to boost productivity and overall customer satisfaction at your call centre, please don’t hesitate to contact MeloTel.

Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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