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6 Things You Really Want From Your Telephone Service

You run a business. Your customers are important to you. Your suppliers are important to you. Your partners are important to you. It’s important, therefore, to always be able to be in touch with them. And that means that it’s important to have the most multi-faceted, dependable and functional business phone service available on the market today. In today’s world, you need a lot more than a simple phone number from your service provider. You’re really going to want some special features to come with it!

1. Toll Free or Local Numbers. Are you looking to expand your client base so that it is able to include customers from all over North America? If so, you’ll really want a toll free number to enable those who live outside of your area code to call you without having to pay long distance charges. Get your business a snazzy new toll free number starting with any of the following digits: 800, 855, 866, 877 or 888.

2. Voice Mail to Email. Voicemail has come a long way since the days of answering machines that used cassette tapes to store recordings. These days, you really want a voice mail feature that not only records a caller’s message, but sends that recorded message to your email address as a WAV file. As a result, you’ll be able to play that message on any device including your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

3. Automated Attendant Receptionist. Give your business the prestige of a large corporation by having an auto-attendant voice menu greet your callers. It’s like having a secretary work right around the clock! This feature helps to direct callers to the appropriate departments so that they are getting in touch with the right representatives of your company for their questions and concerns. It highly increases customer satisfaction.

4. Hold Music. Avoid playing the same old monotonous hold music for your customers while they are waiting to speak to the appropriate associate of your business. You really want a feature that allows you to customize the music that they hear so that it suits your brand. Choose to play your favourite songs, pre-record your own personal messages or even get a company theme song produced for this purpose!

5. Email 2 Fax/Fax 2 Email. So what kind of feature is this exactly? Well, we all know that some phone numbers are actually fax numbers. But we also know that fax machines have pretty much become obsolete. This feature allows you to send and receive faxes without any equipment. In other words, faxes are sent by sending an email to and are received as PDF files in your inbox!

6. Company Directory, Dial By Name. Do you have enough associates at your business that they need their own extension numbers? You’ll really want a feature that allows your callers to simply dial a few characters of the first or last names of the people they are trying to contact. Once the correct person is found, the call is automatically routed to that person’s extension.

As you’ve likely guessed, MeloTel’s VoIP telephone services make available all of these Telephone Features and many more. You want your business to be considered among the best in its class. You want your business to be recognized as an industry leader. Therefore, you’ll want to give MeloTel a call by dialing 1-888-MELOTEL. We provide all of the things you really want from your telephone service!