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5 Points That VoIP Addresses To Make Business Better

VoIP technology offers your company so many possibilities. It’s not like when Canadian businesses were forced to use traditional landlines to set up the phone systems for their companies. Wait. You don’t use VoIP technology yet? Perhaps, it’s time to look into this “wave of the future” in order to discover the many benefits that come along with it. A great place to start would be MeloTel’s Telephone Features page.

Local & Toll Free Number Portability; Toll Free or Local Numbers; Voice Mail to Email; Automated Attendant Receptionist; Email 2 Fax/Fax 2 Email; Call Routing and Music On Hold only begin to scratch the surface of the many benefits that you can enjoy at the hands of our Commercial Telephone services. In fact, employing VoIP telephone technology can vastly change the way that you do business.

To be more specific, when you use VoIP technology, it opens your business up to using new ways to communicate with the good people that call your company phone number. It allows you to portray a more professional representation of your brand in a variety of ways. Those ways can be determined by you. But, in today’s blog, we’ll discuss five of the finer points of your business that can be addressed by your VoIP telephone systems.

1. Reasons customers call your business. There may be a long list of reasons that people call your business. So it’s important to ensure that your callers are speaking to the right phone representatives. This is why the Automated Attendant Receptionist is such a key feature. It allows you to create voice menus with multiple contexts, options and actions. It’s like having a secretary who is able to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time!

2. Specific concerns or requests. In some cases, there are specific individuals who should be handling the calls that come in to your business. This is especially true if you have various departments or particular employees who handle specific accounts. In such a case, a Dial By Name Company Directory is necessary. Allowing callers to dial a few characters of the employee’s first or last time will save time by routing the call appropriately.

3. International callers. Does your business serve clients from all over the country? How about all over the continent? If so, you’ll want a number that is convenient for everyone to call, no matter where they are. This is why Toll Free Numbers come in so handy. By getting a number that begins with 800, 855, 866, 877 or 888, you are able to open up your client base to anywhere in North America!

4. Mobile business needs. Perhaps, you or members of your phone staff are required to travel for work. Does that mean that you should be out of touch with your most important clients? Of course not. But keeping your old landline may make it difficult. With VoIP technology, you can be reached with the same phone number no matter where you are in the world. Your phone number is portable and can be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

5. Accessibility. No matter how great VoIP technology is – and it is great! – you’re not going to be available 24/7. After all, you need to sleep! However, VoIP provides you with ways to ensure that none of your callers go unnoticed. The Voice Mail In Your Email feature records a caller’s message and sends a WAV file recording to your inbox so that it can be heard from any device. How amazing is that?

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