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Introducing MeloTel Voice Broadcasting!

Happy Halloween everyone! No matter how you decide to celebrate tonight’s haunted festivities, everyone, here at MeloTel, wishes you a fun and safe (yet scary) experience! And what would Halloween be without treats? And what would MeloTel be without offering those treats up? We’re very excited and happy to announce yet another new innovation from the creative minds of Canada’s Hosted Company.

Introducing MeloTel Voice Broadcasting! At MeloTel, we’re strong proponents of the telephone. And, as you know, VoIP technology has enabled the telephone to do a lot more than simply make and receive calls. Our new Voice Broadcasting service allows you to reach thousands of potential customers with one single message. Deliver your message in your own voice, in your own words and on your own terms!

This is your chance to begin your own new voice campaign. And the holiday season is the perfect time to roll it out! Create a 30 second message (minimum) that you want to have sent to people in order to introduce them to your brand. Be as funny and creative or as serious and informative as you like. You may even want to include a little bit of Christmas cheer in your message to be sent out over the coming weeks!

No matter what you decide, MeloTel Voice Broadcasting lets you get your message out! And because we know how much voice campaigns can be pricey – just ask any of the candidates of Toronto’s recent mayoral election – MeloTel offers this new cost-effective service that works wonders in connecting your business with new people. Who knew that the telephone could be such a profit-driving device?

Well, we did! Our new Voice Broadcasting service allows you to engage people in surveys that your business can find useful. It can connect callers to members of your staff to answer questions about your products and services. It is designed to deliver your message in your way, in your voice, providing you with an effective way to introduce your brand to people who you may not otherwise have met.

The new MeloTel Voice Broadcasting service comes with an array of incredible features. They include a self-managed web based control panel, voice-mail detection, detailed reporting and reliable, quality calls. In addition, a variety of campaign types are available through this innovative service. They include answering machine only, live only, live and answering machine, polling and IVR survey and live agent transfer.

For this service, you have the option of recording any message that you like that is a minimum 30 seconds in length. The calling rate is 2.5¢ for each 30 seconds on connected calls only. It is charged in increments of 30 seconds. There are so many different ways to take advantage of this new innovation and there are so many different business types that can benefit from it. Of course, we’d only be too happy to discuss these benefits with you further.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL to learn more about the new MeloTel Voice Broadcasting service. This Halloween, we’re definitely in the mood to providing treats. And we’re quite confident that this new feature will treat your company in ways that you never thought possible. Ask us about our Voice Talent Production services as well if you’d feel more comfortable getting professional voice actors to record your messages!