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5 Keys To Top-Notch Over-The-Phone Customer Service

Yes, we live in a world that’s all crazy about the internet. And while the digital era is definitely upon us, it has not eliminated some of our old tried-and-true modes of communication. In fact, the worldwide web has only allowed us to improve them! The VoIP-based telephone services offered by MeloTel provide the perfect example. But, at MeloTel, we also recognize that the ways in which the phone is used will make all the difference in the world.

What is your over-the-phone customer service regimen? It’s integral that every business has one. Without it, your customers will quickly begin to notice that your company doesn’t quite “have it all together.” At least, this is what we hear from many of new clients that complain that when they were with other telecom companies, “you speak to one representative and he’ll tell you something different than what another representative told you.”

Having the technology is important. But having the know-how is mandatory. Setting specific guidelines so that your staff members know how to handle the calls that come in to your business will make the difference between growing more customer relationships and losing the ones that you’ve already established. In today’s blog, we’ll review five ways to ensure that your over-the-phone customer service is top-notch.

1. Accept feedback. Hey, if anyone is going to be able to inform you about what is lacking about your customer service practices, it’s your customers! Don’t be afraid to seriously consider all of the feedback that they provide you. Take their advice and learn from your mistakes. Remember that not all feedback is bad. So be sure to acknowledge the things that your customers like about you and focus on them as well.

2. Get everyone on board. To avoid one of the pitfalls that we mentioned earlier, be sure that all of your phone representatives are on the same page. That begins with hiring competent and energetic staff members who enjoy speaking to people over the phone. However, it also means that your company policies are very clearly defined and understood by each member of your staff. Be sure that everyone is following your guidelines.

3. Establish a culture. In order for your team members to be great over-the-phone customer service representatives, you must develop a positive and motivational environment at your place of business. After all, how can one be pleasant on the phone is his or her working environment isn’t a pleasant one? Come up with ways to boost employee morale on a regular basis and encourage teamwork and togetherness in the office.

4. Reward your staff. When your employees do great work, they deserve the recognition. Acknowledging jobs well done goes a long way in both boosting and maintaining employee morale. Everything from monetary bonuses to an extra days off can help your workers become the best over-the-phone customer service representatives around. If you want someone to represent your company in the best way possible, be sure that they truly enjoy working for you.

5. Hold your team accountable. At the end of the day, you’re the boss. If you want your company to be known as one that provides top-notch customer service, you need top-notch customer service representatives. Your team members have responsibilities to uphold your vision. If, however, members of your staff are not on board, it may be time for them to seek employment elsewhere. Remember that the good name of your brand is at stake.

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