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5 Reasons To Get MeloTel To Blog For You

Since March of 2011, the MeloTel Blog has been providing visitors to our website with interesting, informative and often entertaining content. When it comes to the telecom world, we know a thing or two about the products and services that Canadian business owners can most benefit from. And, naturally, many of blogs focus around our innovations. Our last blog, if you haven’t read it yet, is no exception.

Blogging, of course, is just one of the many innovative services provided by MeloTel, but arguably the most important one when it comes to promoting your business. You see, in today’s world, a company’s online presence is of paramount importance. Especially with the holiday shopping season upon us right now, there are ample opportunities for your company to get discovered online.

Your chances better when you are making use of your social media profiles and posting links to your website on a regular basis. By updating your website regularly with new content, you have all the more reason to post links on Facebook and Twitter. At MeloTel, we post a new link to our Facebook and Twitter accounts every time we post a new blog. Your business can greatly benefit from doing the same. Here are five reasons to get MeloTel to blog for you!

1. It drives traffic to your website. As mentioned, the more relevant content that can be found on your website, the more reasons people have to visit it. For this reason, blogging has become an incredible marketing tool in the modern business era. Driving traffic to your website, as you can imagine, is a great way to introduce new people to your brand. The more functional and eye-catching your website is, the more likely your visitors will want to learn more about you.

2. It increases your reach on social media. As you’re very likely aware, social media platforms of all kinds have become today’s top sources of worldwide communication. Nearly everyone you know (go ahead and take a survey, if you like!) has a Facebook, Twitter or some other type of social networking account. As we also mentioned earlier, posting blogs to your site allows you to add to your social media feeds, helping you to generate a much bigger buzz for your brand.

3. It increases SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a big deal for business owners these days. It means that with added content to your site, it is a lot more likely to be picked up in search engines. This is what you want to have happen when online users go to Google in order to search for anything related to your industry. With regularly posted blogs, your site can be found even when people search topics not related to your industry. It all depends upon what you blog about!

4. It builds customer relationships. Blogs allow for your company to have more of a personality. When your blogs are written in ways that the average person can relate to, you will be able to develop more personal bonds with your readers. Connecting with your customers through your website is great way to get them to pay you a personal visit. Your blogs help to give your company a “voice” that will encourage others to respond.

5. It helps to highlight your expertise. All business owners like to see themselves as industry experts. Why not flaunt it? After all, consumers like dealing with experts. It gives them the confidence that they are dealing with dependable brands that can get the job done right. Demonstrate your vast knowledge of your industry by composing well written articles. Naturally, if you don’t consider yourself much of a writer, allow for a professional blogger to write for you.

Let’s get our Bloggers For Hire to start blogging for your company today! Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!